13 thoughts on “The Secrets to Becoming a Master Gardener

  1. Love this. I have so many garden books I don't know where to put them 😂 I truly believe that gardening is experimentation. That's why it's so fun!

  2. I'm taking the master gardener classes right now. In my opinion, it's a beginner course! So much to learn! Your video nails it.

  3. I knew there was a reason I sub'ed to your channel! I'm currently enrolled in a master gardener course but I know there's that next LEVEL, which, really I think would only be obtained via experience and time. I am so excited and I'm growing my literature collection. Thank you for posting this video, the suggestions of reading, the tips AND encouragement!! Much love ❤️!!

  4. Wow! Thank you! I really needed to hear this advice.
    I've been trying to grow garlic here in Wyoming for two years, and with no luck yet. I haven't planned ahead (my bad), and by the time I get to plant my garlic, I sometimes get snow on the ground and very low temperatures. I know very little about gardening, but like you said, I'm watching videos, and reading books. Also I have to remember that I have a very small growing season for Summer loving plants.
    Thanks again!

  5. Planning to become a master Gardner this season! It will definitely help me educate my landscaping clients.

  6. Just found this Video. I liked it a lot it makes me want to keep working harder. And find a Master Gardener class later to take here soon I cant find one in my area. And I do not have any other gardeners that I could talk with. if there is any way you and I could chat or something when I have problems so I could see if I could be a better gardener.

  7. Great great great video!!!! Excellent!!! Really admire your humility. I would really like to become a Master Master Gardner not necessarily throught certification but experiencially, reading and specilization.
    Is there a library/data bank of practising MG(s) specilizing in watermelons and tomatoes or that you could recommend?

  8. Right now I’m reading the California Master Gardener book. No, I am not taking classes or planning to as of now. I want to thank u for the advice because I was thinking I wouldn’t need classes when I can obtain knowledge from my book and other books. Also, every gardener has their own thinking and ways. Again Sir, thank you.

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