The Vegan Mindful Farm (Organic Thailand)

We are here at the mindful farm and we will
stay a night because, yeah we don’t feel like going back the hard route again. I mean, we can.. We can make it, but it would… It would also be nice to try to stay here
one night. Yeah exactly.. And see how it works here. When we are here now, we can just as well
stay for one night and see how it is. Now we know. I mean it is ridiculous to go back home and
then go back again out here to stay for a couple of nights or whatever. But you will.. we will not come back, so it’s
now or never. We might as well, I mean…yeah. I forgot my toothbrush… And you can’t survive that? I will just use something. My finger or… Yeah, one day, I have tried to do it for about
30 days. Is it Longan? Here is the kitchen, and place for fruit,
and a lot of peanuts, getting dried. So it’s pretty cool. Toilet. The washing dishes area. Some people will be cooking and other people
will be picking peanuts. It will be interesting. Now I need to be in the field. Mindful farm. Here is the field where we are going to pick
peanuts. Didn’t know they grew this way. Thought it was a peanut tree. No. We just pick them and put them into the bag. One bag, or do we have multiple bags? Yeah, maybe two, it is easier to carry up. OK. Only the big ones. We don’t put the bag into the water right? It will get wet anyway. You can put it in the water, it’s fine. Sun go away. Because of the festival that goes on, so a
lot of people go there, and stay there. Where is it actually hapening? In Chaing Mai. And what er they doing? We
are all over the place in the town. Park, Doi Suthep, Doi Inthanon. Yeah we wake up early, ride up the mountain
Doi Suthep. We get some smoothies, and go down. Or during the festival there is a Q and A
on the top of Doi Suthep with the people running it. And then yeah, people eat at restaurants,
because there are so many so…. And there are so many people there during
that time. Is it already over or when…? Yeah it’s over, but there are still many people
there, because people just stay during the whole year. So there is always someone there. People are starting to leave now. I am picking peanuts. I think it will be alright. Washing up after the… are you filming? Yeah but I don’t need your voice. Your voice ruins everything. Yeah. My voice ruins everything. I have no concept of time here. We don’t really need that fire anymore right? I don’t think so. What we are doing is filling up these water
bottles with filtered water (rain water). Right? Here they filter it with charcoal. They… the water tastes a bit smokey. Smoke water… Taste a bit of… you taste the charcoal. Her it is. It’s funny to try. I am glad I am not drinking it every day. Greg will demonstrate how it’s done. I don’t know if they do this, but I would
not like to have old water in it. Or other peoples, what do you call that… Saliva. Well Kasper if you just get the bottle ready,
next bottle ready, I will just… Then I can’t film. You have filmed enough. This is the filter thing. Aroy Mak. Cool. And we need to fill all these up, and these. Should I get the spadel? Yes please. What food are you talking about? I try to explain it. You know the tree that has those things that
are round and green and spiky? And in the Fall, they fall of the tree and
they open and it’s brown. Oh in Europe. Chest nuts (kastanjer). Chest nuts! Oh my God. Yeah, and those peanuts taste like that. You are right, actually they do. The only chest nut I got was so bad. If you boil them, they are really good. Not all of them are edible are they? No, not the ones you see on the street. Brown or red rice? Amazing. We are like fighting about that. Fighting? Nium says it’s red, and I say it’s brown. Maybe you can tell us. A mix maybe? Super duper meal here at the Mindful Farm. Near Chiang Mai. Aroy Mak. No Thai people here. Is it good? Yeah it’s without salt, it’s perfect! But I think this is brown rice. I don’t know how red rice tastes. But not only. But I think it’s brown rice with red rice. Okay. It does have a little redish. So we are here at the Mindful Farm, and there
are fire flies. First time I have seen them. You can not spot them probably. We can see them through the mosquito net. It’s cool. Well, we just scared away a snake that was
right here. I don’t know why I didn’t film it, but… And I was like up tonight without light and
I could have stepped on it or something… sh… I don’t know if I want to go barefoot anymore. I don’t think it’s a dangerous snake. I don’t think either, but anyway, I don’t
think it’s cool to be bitten by a snake out here. You don’t know what happens to you. But it’s a nice morning. Not too wet, no mosquitoes. Cool, all good.

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