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Thick With Tradition
Organic Cotton From Turkey In 400 AD farmers began to cultivate cotton in the southern
region of anatolia in present-day turkey throughout the days of the byzantine and ottoman
empires, Turkish cotton traveled to Europe and around the globe. weaving this natural fiber into the pages
of history this organic cotton farm is located in Denizli where the long staple and finest Turkish cotton is grown most of the the farms in the area small-sized farms and they’re run by traditional methods Cotton is very valuable for us. Our ancestors have been in this business for centuries
and we continue the tradition Cotton is a “White Gold” for us.
We love it as we love our children, and give worth to it. since the nineteen eighties turkey has led the world in organic cotton
production more than forty percent of the world’s organic
cotton is grown in turkey were the climate soil and temperatures are ideal for this
sun-loving plant. organic practices and hand farming have a lower
carbon footprint than other farming methods and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers
are used organic cotton products are a great choice
for customers who are concerned about their impact on the earth pottery barn’s organic cotton is certified
by skall or OCIA international agencies that monitor the farms
the production process and the storage facilities our efforts to support organic farming will
help more farmers make the transition to these chemical-free practices Organic cotton is better for you better for the farmers and better for the environment. Pottery Barn

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