THIS chemical makes your GARDEN GROW!

I don’t know about you but when somebody tells
me “That’s the way my Grandma used to do it” – Especially when it has to do with gardening
– My ears open up a little bit more and I listen and try to take in what was said to
me. I’ve heard over the last, I don’t know, year or so, how people enjoy putting Epsom
Salt or Magnesium Sulfate on to their gardens. And every time somebody talks about it I always
hear “Well, that’s how the old timers did it” or “That’s how my Grandma did it” and
its made me want to try it out. So, from the little research that I have done, it sounds
like the best time to apply is right when you plant and then a little bit later when
the plant starts putting on its fruit. So, with that said, we’re going to mix up a batch
of Epsom Salt and apply it to the garden. Okay so here we are with my sprayer that makes
me look like some kind of chem-ag specialist or promoter, and certainly I am not. I bought
this last year because I got so sick and tired that I decided I was going to try applying
some Neem Oil. And, it didn’t work a bit and it really reinforced the idea to me that if
you’re going to spray something even if it is considered organic, that’s going to be
used as a pesticide, all your doing is encouraging the fact that you had to spray. You’re better
off working on companion planting and soil nutrition than spraying for anything. So,
that said, that’s the story behind this guy. I’ve got my bag of Epsom Salt here and the
only that I’m going to tell you about Epsom Salt is make sure that’s all you’re getting
is Magnesium Sulfate. Don’t go to the store and have someone show you some Epsom Salt
and then find out that there’s also a fragrance or something that they’ve inserted because
they’re trying to sell it to you as a bath salt. So, this is pure Epsom Salt – you can
get it from most pharmacies, department stores, groceries, pretty much anywhere. And, I’ve
read a good bit about how much to apply and the one thing that I did keep reading was
that you don’t have to worry about applying too much because it doesn’t build up and there’s
no harm to it. The plants are just going to take what they need, its not going to do any
damage to the soil or the plant. So, I’m going to go on the high end of what I read and the
high end tells me to put two tablespoons to every gallon of water. Now this big old sprayer
here will hold 4 gallons – and I don’t expect that I’m even going to use 1 gallon of water
on what I’m about to spray but I’m going to mix up 2 gallons, just for good measure so
I don’t run out. My sprayer happens to have a automatic agitator inside of it, but either
way, I’m going to add water to this, shake it up really well to make sure it dissolves,
before trying to apply. So you might be asking yourself “Why does Jared have this humongous
sprayer just to water his plants?” And, the simple answer is “It’s what I have.” I had
a hand waterer – a watering can – then my kids got a hold of it on the off-season and
I didn’t see much point in going and spending another $5 on a watering can when I could
just do it this way. It also still provides the same benefit that you would essentially
get out of a watering can and that is direct application. I know exactly where I am putting
this and how much. I don’t have to worry about anything else like – you know if I were to
attach one of those bottle nozzles – I don’t know what the right term for them is – that
goes on your garden hose – and just spray it everywhere, not just where you want it.
So, that’s all we’re trying to do, just a quick little coat, right where I know I planted.
Another benefit of this, if you watched the planting video you know we put lettuces on
the inside. That nozzle lets me get right to where I know the seeds are. Okay so really
there’s nothing more than that to it. Just kept spraying down the lines and – we’ll see
– I don’t really have a control for this so I’m not going to be able to tell you whether
it did anything great or not. So, share your experiences down below. Do you put Epsom Salt
or Magnesium Sulfate in your garden? And why – what benefits do you expect or what benefits
do you see from it? Thank y’all for watching, we’ll see you next time!

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