Thrive All in One Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Review

Mike: Hey everyone how are you doing? You have Mike and Sierra here and today we are going to be talking a little bit about Thrive. Sierra: Yeah so this is a planted tank fertilizer, it’s super concentrated, all in one and it’s something that we have been using for pretty much… Mike: Probably for, since we started our planted tanks. We had a little space where we were using a different dosing method, PPS-Pro. But that was just way up there and we were still way down here. So this here kind of brought us down on the same level. This gave us amazing results in our tanks, do you not agree? Sierra: Yeah, so we’ve been using this is both our tanks, our planted tanks, well really all of them, anything we have plants in we have been using this product. And, the reason for that is pretty simple. We were using 4 or 5 different products before to do the same job this one was doing and it just wasn’t even as effective. Mike: No, that’s not to mention the price tag of like $15-$20 a bottle and when you need five of those, that’s, we’re looking at $150. I can get like, I don’t know, 4 or 5 bottles of this for that price. It’s just not…it wasn’t practical for us to continue doing it the way we were doing. Sierra: Yeah and some people will dose aquarium fertilizers dry, in which case we just aren’t comfortable doing that just yet. We are still fairly new to the planted tank game and I mean even if you wanted to, even if you are advanced, this is just a little bit easier. It’s already mixed for you and ready to go. Mike: Yeah, definitely going to be cheaper too, cause you are going to need test kits and everything. It really takes an expert to look at a plant and go okay there’s no deficiencies here and that’s definitely not me. I’m still learning. And, yeah by using a good fertilizer, it pretty much takes a lot of the guess work out of it. So, they do have a couple different fertilizers so me and Sierra are going to explain the difference between the 3 fertilizers that they have. Maybe even give you a little inside secret that there’s a new one coming. Sierra: Yeah so to start off with this is just the classic Thrive. It’s basically useful for any planted tank. It doesn’t matter what your PH is this one…MIke: this one you can still use it. So this here is just your regular Thrive. So your Thrive+ is going to be a little bit different. It’s more desgined for your high tech planted tanks, so it’s more suited for a lower PH under 7 and It comes with a little bit of extra stuff like a little bit of extra iron Sierra: And then you also get some nitrogen in inorganic and organic form which is a little bit different than regular Thrive. Mike: There we go, yeah exactly. So the next Thrive that we are going to talk about is the Thrive S and that’s going to be the Thrive for shrimps. Sierra: Yeah so that one is specially designed with shrimp tanks in mind. So if your main focus of the tank is shrimps this one is definitely a good alternative. Basically it doesn’t increase your need to do extra maintenance above regular water changes or large volume, regular water changes where in a shrimp tank you may not be doing a 50% water change every week , where at least according to the directions on some of these, depending on your situation, you may need to do a 50% weekly water change. Mike: Yeah so I guess a question we can knock out right now, one that I see a lot of in the forums, quite a bit, Is it safe to use just regular Thrive with my shrimp and if so, why do you make a special one just for shrimp? And that’s what Sierra was getting at right here. It’s just so you can go a little bit longer without a water change than you could with the normal Thrive. Sierra: Yeah now the regular Thrive and Thrive+ contain copper, but in very trace amounts. So little that it’s really not going to cause any harm or anything like that to your shrimp. Even very sensitive shrimp should be just fine with either the classic or Thrive+ Mike: Yeah and if you do go look at the FAQ’s on the website you will also see a calculator there which calculates the toxicity of copper with your shrimp. and you could actually do a reading and see if your shrimp are in a safe level or not. But like I said, this is not going to cause you any issues. I have shrimp in all my tanks that I have been using Thrive in and I have populations that are just exploding, so it hasn’t killed any of my shrimp. Sierra: Yeah so ThriveS is more just where your shrimp are your main focus of your tank and of course that one doesn’t contain any copper at all so if it really makes you feel better it is an option. Mike: So another one that is actually coming here, I’ll grab the bottle here it’s not going to be the finished bottle but there is a new formula that we have been trying out, so have quite a few other people. This here is made for low-tech tanks especially with a form of carbon in it. Sierra: Yeah so basically liquid carbon is added in. Now some products will do this, like Excel where they have liquid carbon additives in the form of glutaraldehyde. Those are not for everyone so this one here is not using any glutaraldehyde and it’s a good alternative. Mike: Yeah and I have been using it in my tank and I know I always keep saying this but my moss is like so dark green it’s just like forest green and it was green before but it really took a couple shades difference after I started using this for a couple weeks and the plant growth has been phenomenal. I definitely have no complaints. Sierra: Yeah so we’re really happy with this product and it’s definitely a winner and it’s going to be available soon so guys keep an eye out for that one because it’s amazing. We aren’t using it in our high-tech tank here but we are using it in the tank to the left here which we’ll get a clip of. Mike: Our shrimp tank and you guys have all seen this tank before so. So, once again the dosing with this product here is just absolutely, just silly easy. All you have to do is give it a couple pumps and this one here says 1 pump per 10 gallons. You can’t get any easier than that. Like I said, mixing up all this stuff it’s okay for some people. Sierra: And using all these different products and some of them the dosing on it… it was tricky. So this makes it so much easier. You don’t really have to put too much thought into it, the simplest thing is just remembering to dose. So I want you guys to take a quick peek over at the NilocG website cause he does not just carry Thrive. He does dry ferts, dry mixes as well as some CO2 equipment. The CO2 equipment we have in our tank here came from NilocG Sierra: Yeah so there’s all kinds of planted tank stuff and gear and accessories and so far we have been really happy with everything we got from there so it’s definitely worth checking out. Mike: Alright so I hope this video here has helped you out if you did have any questions about Thrive. If you do have any more questions you can leave them down in the comments down below and we will try to help you out as best as we possibly can. If you are looking to get this stuff I will show you guys a list of of where to buy it here in Canada. And in the States Sierra: You can go right to the manufacturer or there’s a few other resellers as well which we will go ahead and put as many links as we can find down below. Mike: So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you guys have yourself a great day. Mike: Look at the shrimp trying to get the ram. He’s like get away from my pellet. hahahaha. Shrimps are awesome.

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