Tips and Tricks to Fertilizing and Managing Potato Pests

This week on Gardening with Gregg we’re talking about growing Irish potatoes. I love this time of year when the potatoes are growing the corns come up the martins have moved in The birds are singing the days are getting longer and it is tater time here in South, Georgia My taters are up and doing great. I got my Yukon Gold. I got my German Butterball. I got my red potatoes I got my blue potatoes. I got about a 60-foot row of each one Now I’m gonna give you some hints today on tips we use on growing irish Potatoes now potatoes can tolerate a pH anywhere from 5 – 6.5 now I prefer to have my soil around 6.5 because it works well with rotation of my other vegetables in the garden We plant our potatoes about four to six inches apart and I like the plant mine on 36-inch row spacing. Now potatoes in the nightshade family That means they’re first cousins to tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants So you never want to plant these nightshades in the same place in consecutive years now with pests Sometimes we have problems with blight but not very often the biggest problem we have is the Colorado potato beetle and we control it by using Spinosad and Neem Oil on a weekly basis now We rotate those every other week. So one week I’ll spray neem oil the next week I’ll spray spinosad and the key here is to start spraying with these potatoes starting young and to get really good coverage when you spray You want to make sure you get underneath that leaf Because that’s where the eggs is gonna lay and when they hatch out them eggs, that’s the time to kill them You also want to get good coverage they’re on top So make sure you spray the whole plant really well to fertilize your potatoes with a synthetic fertilizer what you would do is take a solo cup fill it to the height here with a fertilizer of 10-10-10 and put two of these cups per 30-foot row of potatoes pre-plant work it into your soul and then plant your potatoes when potatoes reach desired height of four to eight inches you would Come back and you would side dress with solo cup filled with 10-10-10 to this level here two cups Per 30-foot row and you would place the fertilizer about three to four inches from said plant Taters are not very expensive in the store and I get that but I tell you growing them in the garden are absolutely wonderful have a different flavor when they start coming in You can come out here and scratch you a few up go down to the house and boil them up man they’re absolutely delicious So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this week’s show and we’ll see you next week on Gardening with Greg

22 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks to Fertilizing and Managing Potato Pests

  1. Love the video!! I laughed so darn hard. Thank you for the information needed it. We appreciate you guys…

  2. You are a hoot, Greg! Too funny, but very informative! My potatoes are up and doing well, and yes, I'm spraying mine with Spinosad and Neem oil!

  3. Like those short videos. This year I'm going to have to depend on the store for my tatos because of the heavy rain then flooding conditions.

  4. I have sprayed Spinosad twice so far this year on my 700 potato plants , 15 days apart . It kills adults , and larvae , and no eggs hatched .
    My plants are about 2 months old now , and I have ZERO bugs , and ZERO damage to my plants . It has a bacterial effect which seems to persist even after watering or rainfall. Best stuff ever.

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