Tips for Gardening. What Is The Difference Between Fertilizer and Soil Amendment?

Hey, this is Evan with Southland organics today I’m going to talk to you about the difference between a fertilizer and a soil conditioner now for reference I’ve brought along our organic fish fertilizer as well as our jumpstart soil conditioner now. Let’s start with the fertilizer Fertilizers are designed to feed plants directly in this bottle as a balance of nutrients notably nPK nitrogen phosphorus potassium Now while this is organic and many fertilizers are most are chemical They’re synthetic and they can strip nutrients away from the soil which brings us to a soil conditioner There’s nothing in this bottle that speeds plants But it feeds the soil it will improve the soil structure Replenishing nutrients and creating an extremely healthy and fertile environment that makes it easy for plants to grow Thanks for watching and visit us online at Southland Organics calm you

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