Tips for Making Gardening Easier

[intro music] The Garden, everyone loves the look of a beautiful
garden, but not everyone likes the work of a beautiful garden. So how can you have the
look without the work? We’re going to break it down for you.
First Step is to really focus on the foundation. I call the foundation of any garden is good
soil, and making good soil is about mending that soil that you have, so that if you have
sandy soil you need to improve it and/or just poor soil quality like clay. This is organic
matter, and this is also known as compost you can see how it clumps in my hand and breaks
away, that is a perfect combined mix. this is rich in organic matter, meaning it’s
full of nutrients, so that also means I don’t need to fertilize.
Next Step it’s all about plant selection and looking for plants that make life easy
on you. Let’s talk about those you don’t have to water as often and it’s this one
here, drought tolerant. A good indicator of a plant with drought tolerance is that grey
to silver foliage it reflects the light, this one here lamb’s ear as well nice and felty.
Another plant that will be drought tolerant are those succulent. This is stonecrop, this
one here you can see is a succulent, almost looks like the cactus family and in full sun
a perfect ground cover. Another one that so easy a classic, a favourite, hens and chicks,
so easy that I can even take little pieces of this guy off, just stick it in the ground
and they’ll grow and hardly needs any water. now you got your creeping thymes that are
nice to walk on. they add a little colour, fragrance at the same time and then theres
a classic a favourite an annual plant, this one right here is called portulaca. and portulaca
loves it hot, loves it dry and will flower all season long. So if you want to cut down
work its about the easy plants and selecting those you don’t need to water as often.
Containers, everyone thinks they’re easy and they’re meant to be easy. now lets kinda
talk about three things that make them easier for you. Number one, not all pots are created
equal. you can see this one here, doesn’t have a lot of mass for soil, I like pots that
are a little bit larger, the more soil the longer they’re going to last without watering
inbetween waterings, a little bit more forgiving. So look for pots that are a little bit more,
that have more of a soil capacity those little 4 inch ones will dry out way too quick.
Now this guy here, the next thing you want to do is make sure the plant material that
your selecting that is the pot material you’re selecting won’t break during the winter
months. If this freezes in the winter and expands the water will expand it will crack
the pot, now you can see with the self-watering containers this right here, this little basin
in the bottom, that basin holds water but keeps plants roots out. So thats all about
drainage. So when it comes to container gardens think about number one soil capacity, number
two the right material and number three, make sure there is some drainage. And finally lets
talk about mulch, We have black mulch here, native mulch right there, it smells so good.
So this here is gardening gold, it reduces watering it reduces weeding, and by putting
mulch into the garden over time it breaks down, adding back organic matter into the
soil. So think about it better soil, less weeding, less watering, mulch that is gold,
So there are some ways to make gardening easier Closed Captioning brought to you by: City
of London
[Extro Music]
Closed Captioning brought to you by: City
of London Closed Captioning brought to you by: City
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