# TIS # KomposMinimalis Tanpa Ribet ! [DIY Natural Plant Fertilizer]

bismillahirrahmanirrahiim assalamu’alaikum wr wb friends as you can see here this is the place we used to make compost this time we are going to harvest compost which we have fermented about 2 months ago these are some nutrients we use to make compost such as EM4 sugarcane drops herbal medicine waste these are example of compost we have made previously we harvest it yesterday now we are going harvest again these are example of organic waste and trash from our garden these are leaves we get from pruning work dry kitchen waste diapers wet kitchen waste and this time, we will harvest compost we’ve made previous month besides we also going to make new compost from those organic trash previously, we made compost right over here but now we’ll re-arrange this place because there’s electricity cable right here although we have made barrier of bricks fermented steam compost will be harmful and we afraid it can damage the cable we will make this spot to keep soil and we will make new compost right over there since we live in urban city we have limitation on finding good source of soil this ex-planting soil we will leave it for several days or weeks to restore the nutrients contained therein just like this ex-planting soil I will leave it for a couple days or weeks this is one example of compost we made previous month it’s quite good and fertile it was blackish and had smooth texture we made this compost from kitchen waste leaves and other organic trashes we made some small boxes bounded by bricks just like you can see here we also wrote the date of the compost on this blackboard to ensure how old was the fermentation held for each boxes these are the dates of the compost being made this video based on request from TIS subscriber he asked how to use household waste to be composted the process of making organic compost in small-scale is easier and faster we can use small plastic basket or other container use cardboard to cover the basket tight it with wire or small plastic rope we use cardboard to facilitate the absorption of water resulting from the fermentation process so it will reduce the bad smell and prevent it from flies we’re going to make compost from leaves, kitchen waste and other organic trash cut the materials into small pieces put soil and composter to stimulate the fermentation process soil is as a natural active microbe useful to accelerate the process of decomposition of leaves and other organic waste put organic trashes the cover it with soil to fasten the fermentation process, water it with liquid organic fertilizer made of banana tree hump 200 ml mix with 1 liter water spray until it evenly distributed cover it again with soil then close it tightly with paper and plastic sack put in shady spot for about one month check it after one week if you feels it warm then the process has succeeded but if it’s not, we can add another liquid organic fertilizer or soil after one month that’s simplest way to make your own compost for plants this organic compost is good for plants those are some tips from us on how to DIY compost at home with no cost at all keep use organic trash around us and stay healthy Happy Gardening!! Do’t forget to pray to God in every activity wassalamu’alaikum wr wb

16 thoughts on “# TIS # KomposMinimalis Tanpa Ribet ! [DIY Natural Plant Fertilizer]

  1. Ass.Wr.Wb.Selamat datang di TIS, Terima kasih dan semoga selalu sukses diwaktu kini dan masa mendatang serta tetap dalam naungan perlindungan Nya, aamiin aamiin aamiin…..

  2. Salam hijau..EM4 kan ada yg perikanan…peternakan..nh ini EM4 yg mna mbak yg di pakai…thq..saya sdh like and discribed

  3. asalamu alaikum Mb.
    mkasi ilmu yg telah dibagikan.

    maaf mb Cuma mautaya swdiqit.
    kl terakhir ngga usah digiling
    itu ngga apa" kan Mb..

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  5. mbak..di video kan ada penambahan kompos yg sdh jadi,padahal saya kan blom punya kompos yg sdh jadi..trus gimana mbak

  6. Assalamualaikum.. Mbak mau tanya ni, itu pampersnya diolah gimana?? Terus proses pencampuran apakah sama dengan sampah2 yg lain?? Pengen mengolah pampers2 biar gak jadi sampah ni, soalnya baru punya bayi.. Terima kasih, semoga berkah dan sukses selallu..

  7. kalo dari buah busuk atau kulit buah bisa ga Ka? buah busuk dan kulit buah sya blender sampai halus.mohon di bls terima kasih

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