Tomato Grow Off 2019 UPDATE – Fertilizing Seedlings and 2nd Plant Entry

there’s nothing like that very first sip
of coffee in the morning don’t you think this is my second cup and it still
tastes just as good well I wanted to start my coffee walk out inside this
morning because I want to give you a little bit of an update on my tomato for
the tomato grow off 2019 now this is the first time you’re hearing about this
contest it is a ton of fun Gary from the rest of garden myself and
Jess from roots and refuge YouTube channel are competing to see who can
grow the biggest tomato and the tomato for the most production and what super
exciting as you as a viewer also have a chance to enter the contest check out
the rules over the gardening coast-to-coast Facebook page I’ve seen a
lot of your posts and I know that the competition’s gonna be stiff but a lot
of fun I’m telling you guys your tomatoes are looking good well let’s go
take a look at the tomato I’m growing I started it from seed I’m growing it
indoors for now we’ll be transplanting it outside
hopefully in just a couple of weeks so let’s go check it out hey Mac can you
help me with the tomatoes today so here’s my little girl that closet under
my stairs you guys might remember the video I did several years ago on how I
built this I really do like to grow some warm weather vegetables in here because
it stays nice and toasty so I’ve got my tomato here growing and what I did with
these Tomatoes I really wanted to get them off to a fast start is I put them
on a heat mat and tomatoes will definitely germinate well without heat
mat but I want to get them going in a hurry because I need some big tomatoes
for the contest and please excuse the mess in here guys we use this for kind
of a catch-all closet up on top here there’s some basil and herbs and I
started on the herb garden video a couple of weeks ago and I just started
some new flowers I think those are zinnia is right back there
so let me grab my tomato and head outside I am pretty sure yes it does
need some watering so let me just kind of share with you what I do to water my
tomato seedlings well I started these seedlings indoors
on April 21st and today is May the 15th so they’ve been going almost a month now
a viewer actually suggested to me that I also grow some outside so these have
been growing indoors and these seedlings right here were started at the same time
on the last tomato Groff video and I’ve just let them grow outside so you
definitely can start tomato seeds without grow lights they’ve just been
sitting here on my deck and on cold nights I’ve been bringing them inside so
you can see the difference in the growth there’s one that germinated maybe a week
and a half ago and there’s a little teeny tiny seedling here just coming up
so I thought it would be kind of fun to see the difference so what I’m doing as
far as watering is I like to water my pellets when the top of the soil starts
to get a little bit lighter brown and I’ve been fertilizing them about once a
week or so and when you’re fertilizing seedlings you really want to do a very
mild slow and steady growth so what I’ve been
doing is using the vermis Terra worm tea and the good dirt plant food which has a
higher nitrogen level so that you get the good leafy growth that you want on
your tomato plants but you want to do it at half strength 2/4 strength you
definitely do not want to overdo it so I always like to water my seedlings from
the bottom so I’ve already got the fertilizer here in this watering can I’m
just gonna pour it in the tray and let the pellets soak it up now if you’ve
never grown in peat pellets it’s a super easy way to start seeds I really like
these because they’re larger they’re about 3 inches and I’ll put a link in
the video description on where you can get these so that way the tomatoes can
grow in here for about 6 weeks before you put them outside so that way it
avoids you having to transplant them into larger containers before you put
them out in the garden so we’re just gonna let these sit here and soak up the
water and I’m gonna go and show you my second tomato plant that I have for the
girl off in the garden what’s the other cloudy cool day here we’ve had so many
clouds and not much sunshine so I’m really hoping we get some more sunny
days because I need that sunshine for my tomato to grow now I misunderstood the
rules at first I thought that Gary and Jess and I were
growing one tomato plant both for size and for production when I clarified with
Gary he said we were supposed to be growing two tomato plants one tomato
plant for size and one tomato plant for production so what I decided to do was
to grow a yellow Brandywine tomato now you guys might remember in the contest
from last year I actually harvested a yellow Brandywine at the very end it
wasn’t the beefsteak tomato for the contest but it grew I think maybe a one
or two pound tomato so I decided to use that tomato plant or that variety of
tomato for the contest again this year and I just noticed here as I was walking
by these little bees having a lot of fun on this poppy that’s why I love my
coffee walks because it’s so much fun just to walk around and see all the life
that is going on in the garden so I guess Mack is guarding the tomatoes
to make sure nothing happens to it well the yellow Brandywine is an heirloom
tomato a really wonderful bright yellow variety it is so pretty I absolutely
loved it last year and I planted this one from seed on March the 29th put out
here in the garden on April the 25th so it’s been in here for just a couple of
weeks now seeing some really nice new green growth on it I did put compost in
and worm castings and fertilize with worm tea when I planted it so we just
need some more sunshine it’s going to really start to take off now I am caging
it with the vertex tomato cage from gardeners supply you guys haven’t seen
that in my garden to our video over the weekend it’s a really nice sturdy cage a
great option if you’re looking for a pre purchased cage and it does kind of sway
and give a little bit in the wind now last year I had problems with my tomato
cage toppling over with a yellow Brandywine so I’m really confident that
the vertex cage will be the right tomato cage to hold up my winning tomato here
so I’ll pop a link in the video description if you’re interested in
picking up a vertex tomato cage and I will definitely be coming back to give
you updates as my tomato grows now I’m not gonna go crazy with this plant and
fertilize it I don’t want to overdo it I’ll probably be giving it fertilizer
about once a month or so and just keeping it
so stay tuned for updates so just to clarify I’ll be rowing the yellow
Brandywine behind me here for size for the contest and the red beefsteak
seedling I showed you at the beginning of the video for overall production and
we will be planting out that ceiling in the garden very soon make sure you
subscribe so you don’t miss any videos and also make sure to check out Gary and
Justus channel I’ll link everything in the video description below and make
sure you head over to Guardian coast-to-coast to check out the rules
for the tomato grow up 2019 it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’m really looking
forward to it I think Mac and I are just gonna chill out here in the garden for a
little bit before we start our day and oh if you need tomato seeds for the
contest head to my website I’ve got a tomato seed collection with that
beefsteak tomato winner that I’m growing and I’d love for you to grow along with
me thanks so much for joining me on today’s coffee a lot guys we’ll see on
the next one goodbye so good doesn’t it back you

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