Tomatoes grown easily with Nature and Garden Smart Tip Tutorial

To grow tomatoes, you can either purchase seedlings that are ready to transplant, or purchase seeds and sow them. If growing from seed, sow under shelter from February to March. Cover with soil mix and water. Place your seedlings in front of a window or in a warm greenhouse When your seedlings have sprouted five
or six leaves, transplant and keep under a cold frame. For that, fill the nursery
pots with soil mix. Make a hole in it and slide your seedling in. Plant the nursery
pot in the soil under your cold frame and water. You can also keep your
seedlings inside your house before transplanting them to the ground in spring The first step of this final
transplanting is to snip off leaves from the lower part of the stem. This portion
of the stem must be buried and will sprout roots and plant growth will speed
up. Mix soil conditioner, organic soil conditioner, or compost with your garden
soil. Dig a deep hole and layer the bottom of the hole with this mix. Place
three-fourths of the tomato plant stem in the hole and backfill. Sink the stake near the stem. Wrap your stem around the stake, and water without getting the
leaves wet. Since tomato plants are very vulnerable to diseases, you can spray Bordeaux mixture on leaves to prevent this. Spread mulch around the base of the
plant. Prune your plant by pinching all the
buds that develop where leaves part from the stem. These are called
suckers. Retain the main stem and the flowers. Later on, cut above the fourth or
fifth bunch of flowers. Harvest your tomatoes when fully red and mature.

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