Top 3 Organic Fertilizer Ideas

Hi! I am Shawna Coronado. And today we are going to be talking about organic fertilizers. I use three different fertilizers in my gardens. And I would like to show you how I use them and have you use them in your gardens too. Compost is a wonderful solution for your garden. Why? Because it is free! You make it out of your old food, newspapers, your grass clippings. It is terrific. You can also go over the counter. Right here, I have an organic compost. It is made my Organic Mechanics. I love it! It is a good one. It really adds a lot of moisture to your garden as well. So, composting, fertilize, and moisture retension. So that is a good idea. Alight! Here we are at my compost bin. I have removed the little front cover. And I am going to dig out some of this compost. Look at that! It is beautiful. Another fantastic fertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer. This is Daniels. And what you do. Look at that. A hundred and ninety-two gallons it makes. How cool is that? All from this little bit. So, you are saving a lot of money when you use something like this. So, this is about a tablespoon. All you need to do is add one tablespoon per gallon. Like this! I use, I use the cap as a measuring tool. One there. Now let us go get our rain water. I have five rain barrels on my house. And use rain water whenever I can. Okay, now all you have to do is add it to your containers. Doing pretty well for these plants. And it will do well organically for your plants too. We are out behind my fence in my community garden. And I did double duty out here with the mulching and the fertilizing. I used rotted cow manure to both fertilize and mulch this entire area. Smothered out all the weeds. It has done an excellent job. And here is what the rotted manure looks like. As you can tell, it is rich and crumbly and perfect for whacking the weeds out. And it does an excellent job of fertilizing. Even better, it does not smell like manure. It smells good, like soil. There you have it! Organic gardening is so easy! And fertilizing with organic fertilizer is the only way to go and it is good for the environment. You can make a difference. Give it a try.

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  1. Shauna,
    Did you ever consider Vermicomposting and fertilizing your plants with vermicompost tea? I think a small vermicompost bin, perhaps a flow-through system would be a great addition to your organic gardening efforts.

  2. very nice garden! find a farmer that has horses in a barn. watch my compost video. best compost i have ever used. makes beautiful tomatos and veggies.

  3. Hey Shawna, great video! I would love to hear you talk about herbicide and pesticide contamination in manure, compost, mulch, etc. The only way to clean-up these toxins for the organic garden is with activated charcoal products like Biogize-SD Soil Detox. Soil scientists are now saying herbicides can stay in the soil for years affecting your plants and your health. Thanks again!

  4. For some reason that cow manure got me really turned on. Honestly though I love what you do with your sustainable gardens. I'm gonna have to get your book and then marry you.

  5. have now 3 compost piles and using them all the time.why fertilize when you have compost like ours.we have 2- 8'x8'x4 corals for old leaves,cuttings,shredded papers,brown cardboard boxes and the spring I shred it all up and use it all over,the flowers,trees,and garden.then I have a 55 gal compost barrel that all the food waste and lawn raking waste goes into.keep up the great videos.

  6. You have to watch using cow manure as fertilizer. Many cattle are fed with antibiotics, hormones, etc and they come through their waste undiluted. Even horse manure has the same problem.

  7. Well done – great advice! We just put up a film of our garden that just has horse manure added – and looked around to see what other people are using, and came across yours.
    Subbed from Ireland!

  8. With tv dinners you don't have any  kitchen waste….Lawn clippings by their self dont do much but give you mulch !!

  9. my mother totaled me rain water is the best hair softener their was she born back in the 1928 but doubt know about today with this evil going on in govt

  10. hi! can you please help me? I'm doing a project on hair fertilizer for science exhibition. i just want to know how much time it will take for hair to decompose in soil and which acids i use to speed up the process without harming the plant and i am using mint plant. i will be much obliged if you help me out. thank you!

  11. Shawna you are so Beautiful, So Confident, & Full of Life! I Love your video I think I'll subscribe so I can watch more! 😀

  12. Okay, I've found a great new channel! I am so close to having my first garden, and I can't wait! I just have a lot to learn. But that's okay.

  13. Bottle fertilizer is not working any by all means the bottle that comes in is not organic it will go into a landfill somewhere. And we know how much planet Earth loves plastic. LOL

  14. Fish Heads, equal part brown sugar by weight and a dash of Inoculant, mix and ferment for 90 days. Best homemade fertilizer

  15. Ahhh… The Garden Princess…. It has been too long! It's good to see you've continued with the walkway behind the house. Looks great! I'm sure you are anxious for Spring to arrive… It has been a harsh winter for you guys up north.

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