Trash Can Compost bin

Easy composter Just a rubbish bin and here we have all the vegetal materials Now we’ll drill as many holes as you want Well, so this is the end result Okay?. And then on the inside With that vegetables, once they have matured in six months to one year time in six months to one year time we will have turned that into this Compost…!! Good fertilizer for your plants, for growing your own vegetables all coming from organic materials that you were not to use Doing your compost in a bin has advantages over buying a standard composter as I will show you You lock here And then it’s as simple as that See the excess of water it has because it was not drilled If you do this from the beginning this would not happen, obviously but I’ve had all my vegetables here for a week without drilling The consequence is that now everything is mixed and mixing all together will accelerate the process So… easy and it’s taken less than five minutes Recycle…!!. We just have one planet

3 thoughts on “Trash Can Compost bin

  1. How to store fresh compost once its finished ? Is it require to use immediately ? can i store it in a bag and sealed it ?

  2. First, you also need holes on the top and the bottom of the band the top so air can flow through it and the bottom so excess liquid can drain out.

    Second, it doesn't take 6 months to a year for it to break down to compost. Once the bin is established and worms have showed up to help break down the materials and as long as you're adding water to keep it moist and also adding dry things like newspaper, bits of cardboard, leaves grass clippings then you can have usable compost in just a matter of weeks!

    Third, that bin is way too small to use for a compost bin. Rolling it is also not going to mix the contents very well especially when they're wet. You need to take a pitchfork and turn what's inside. Once it turns into compost it's also going to get way too heavy to roll and odds are that top will pop off and you'll make a nice big mess all over your patio.

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