Trench Composting in 60 Seconds

[Instructor] Trench
composting is an easy way to return kitchen scraps
and yard waste to the soil. Dig a hole 12 to 18 inches deep. Do this several inches away
from established plants to avoid disturbing the roots. Add yard waste or kitchen
scraps into the hole. Plant-based kitchen scraps
and egg shells work great, but avoid meat, greasy
food, and milk products. Mix it in a little and
then cover everything up with six to eight
more inches of soil. You can dig a long trench
and fill it in over time, or dig a small hole
each time you need it. You can plant over the buried
waste after a few months. Alternatively, squash
or pumpkins can be
planted right away. Your garden will benefit
from the moisture and nutrients in
the buried compost during the spring,
summer, and fall. Once winter comes,
it can be difficult to continue trench composting. You may want to try a
different compost method like a bin, vermicompost,
or a bokashi bucket.

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