Tropical Island Garden Tour (Lānaʻi, Hawaii) / Is Gardening in Paradise REALLY Paradise? 🏝

we are in Maui and just took a boat to
the beautiful island of Lanai and it is gorgeous here and we’re really excited
to meet with fellow gardener and Debbie here on the island we’re gonna ask
Debbie if it’s truly Paradise gardening in paradise hi Debbie
I can also great to meet you thank you guys yeah exciting I feel like I know
you already thank you so much for having us this is wonderful to be in this
beautiful location here absolutely and I do want to say thank you to you’ve
always been such a positive contributor in the live chats and live streams and
stuff so thank you very much and thank you for having us here it’s gorgeous we
can’t believe we’re on an island with you that is so crazy I can’t believe
you’re here either it is crazy thank you so much for coming Oh our pleasure thank
you well a lot of people would love to be able to have a garden here in
paradise I mean this is absolutely beautiful
so what’s it like growing a garden here on a tropical island many things are the
same as growing a garden everywhere from all the YouTube i watch but there
definitely are differences one thing is that things grow all year round and so
I’ve had to learn you know I just throw the seeds in the ground any time and
expect to get this great harvest and I’ve learned that if you really do have
to pay attention to the different microclimates that we have compared to
other places in the summer time it doesn’t ever get above a 90 very seldom
does it get above 90 here so we don’t have to deal with that extreme heat so I
can even grow some of the cold-weather vegetables in the summertime but they
just don’t do very well same thing with the hot weather stuff in the winters
especially here in this island it’s that’s not true all across Hawaii but
here because we’re at about 1700 feet elevation in the winters it gets into
the 50s so you know tomatoes don’t really do that great in the winters or
peppers okay really slow down they hardly grow and when I would try to grow
them I’m like what am I doing wrong and I realized over time that it was
going I’m at the wrong time so you still have seasons like everybody else that
might not be as extreme but you still have to learn to work with the season
exactly well how did you get started gardening well actually my grandmother
had a garden and we lived in Hawaii from the time I was nine years old but in the
summer times we would go and spend a couple of months at my grandmother’s
house in Washington State and of course that’s when she had her garden so I
would go out and garden with her and we pick up one of my fondest memories is
picking cucumbers and going in the house and pickling them so that kind of set
the stage for being interested in gardening and then I moved to Japan for
three years and it was my first experience as an adult to have real
seasons the four seasons and so and I had a backyard that I had the space to
do a garden from that experience I actually kind of liked having the winter
come and not having to garden yes definitely yes burned out sometimes yeah
it’s just nice to have those you know very distinct seasons they would imagine
it’s foods very expensive here at the grocery stores right it is very
expensive it is expensive here and on this island even more so cuz I our
population is so small that we don’t have any of the big box stores we just
have little mom-and-pop type grocery stores and so they have to raise the
prices in order to stay Wow let’s talk about that a little bit more that a lot
of our viewers I think have the big box storage is around the corner what
challenges have you encountered because of that there are certain things that
you just can’t find oh absolutely like I really would have
loved to go buy some you know like flowers that are already grown in you
know in a nursery or in one of the big-box stores to to make the garden a
little prettier for a while you guys are here I know or even for myself but what
are some of the other challenges you’ve encountered with growing here in a
tropical climate the humidity its year-round here so a lot of the pests
and the diseases don’t get killed off in the winter you know so we have problems
with tomato blight you know all kinds of fungal diseases on the
plants all year round so what are you doing to fight that battle um well I do
a lot of pruning it started using different sprays sometimes I use neem
oil especially for that the pests and I’ve been using hydrogen peroxide spray
that I saw again on Gary’s channel okay and that seems to really be helping it
doesn’t stop anything but it slows it down yeah but you’re experimenting and
seeing what works exactly making the adjustments from there so I love that
great always experimenting and you’ve encouraged me to do that so I thank you
for your telling you’re one of the first channels I started watching oh good god
thank you well you’ve done a beautiful job and I can’t wait to go and take a
look at your garden thank you take a look okay here welcome to the garden looks so pretty
he’s great very pretty well we’ve have the fence around it because we have a
lot of deer on the island and they were they were getting more of my vegetables
than I was so we went to Maui and picked up the fencing and my husband helped me
put this in so that’s really helped I don’t have Tyrion going in there which
is really nice and we started with one garden bad the first year this was
before we had the fence and then I added a second and then just this year we
added the third and it’s just been really nice to be able to learn and grow
with the garden as its growing and I’m gonna I have plans for even more
expansion as we go on anyhow it gets in your blood right oh absolutely you get
addicted to it you start out small and then before you know it you’ve got a
beautiful garden like this yes I mean I can really say that at the beginning it
was really more of a hobby garden and now I’m really focusing on growing some
of our own food that’s wonderful and I love how you have it bordered with
flowers there for the pollinators yeah that’s bring them in beautiful design so
beautifully yeah yeah okay I see they’re growing berries here I love growing
berries too yeah tell me what these berries so these are blueberry
and actually there it’s really hard to grow blueberries in Hawaii because we
don’t have the freeze time but this is a tropical variety and it’s taken a long
time to get established they were much smaller obviously when I put them in but
it I was amazed at how slow they grew but it took a while to get the acidity
of the soil correct and then they’ve just taken off this year and I had a
really nice harvest of blueberries over the course of the time that they were
fruiting I probably had a bowl about this yeah that’s great and it’s pretty
neat how you tried some things that didn’t work at first and then you’d made
the adjustment and look at it now yeah yeah it’s really it’s really turned out
nice I’m loving that so here’s the tomato bad oh they look beautiful you’re
making really good use of your space by growing them up yes and your plants look
really healthy actually well they like I said it takes a lot of pruning and then
I think the the hydrogen peroxide spray really helps hold it back yeah
so that it’s getting some but it’s they’re starting to not produce as much
so I was really encouraged by your last video about how sometimes you need to
just tear out the plants that aren’t producing um so I’m getting ready to do
that and I’ve put some some small plants in the garden so that they’ll start to
grow as I told these others out that’s great I love that
so basically when you’re when you pull these out these are already in place
so hopefully you don’t miss too much of harvest time yeah great idea
now once you tell me a little bit about what you’re doing here
this string trellis system that looks really really interesting and very
simple – yeah so I built this out of wood and then just puts tied the strings
at the top and then on the bottom there’s the landscape stakes that I tied
the string to on the bottom and then just hold them up with these little
clips that I got on Amazon well you can’t go wrong super simple very
inexpensive I think yeah it’s working pretty well what I really like is the
use of vertical space how it opens up you can see through the raised planter
bed I’ve done a great job in the design here thank you well you have to again
lots of this I learn on Lee YouTube that you have to keep the air circulation in
order to minimize the fungal growths and then on the other side I had the
standard tomato cages and just put up the tall poles to to tie them up – and
this year I started out doing just a single stem and pruning as they got
taller they started getting too hard to cut off the suckers and I know that
they’re gonna have to be you know taken out soon – anyway so I just let them
grow you’re also doing something really interesting because you’re you’re
pruning and leaving so much at the bottom clear you’re able to maximize
your garden space so you’ve got your beautiful mustard greens and your greens
growing underneath it which provide a little bit of shade – for those plants
yeah that’s worked out really well I didn’t realize how good it was gonna
work out now I saw some really nice looking peppers over here so let’s go
take a look at those okay you’re growing one of my very favorite
peppers and it’s a jimmy nerd ello and honestly I have never seen them this
long and this beautiful looking before oh my goodness they love this spot so
yeah they do secret I don’t know that there is a secret except that they are
in the Sun it’s one of the areas that gets a lot of Sun when I first
established the garden beds I use a lot of different materials that I can find
to make compost and then I try to fill them as much as I can but as i replant
each individual plant I have worm castings I have my own worm yeah so I put some worm castings and
fertilizer and some some of that mineral dust okay any told how in the world to
get soil to fill your garden that’s here well that is definitely one of the
challenges I recently went to a Wahoo and ordered some bought some soil at
Lowe’s and had it shipped over here there’s two different ways to get things
shipped to the island one is from a bar on a barge and the other is an aircraft
that that ships and I had found generally speaking that if you weren’t
doing a big shipment it was cheaper at least about the same cost to do it on
the airplane but I found out that because the soil was so heavy it cost me
I had like eight three cubic foot bags of soil and it cost me over two hundred
dollars to get it here Wow oh my goodness more than the soil so you
really have had to overcome a lot of challenges yeah because you’re committed
to growing your washable since I’ve learned that lesson I really am trying
to to beef up the amount of compost that I’m making but another challenge is we
don’t have fall here so we don’t have all that we don’t have to actually we
don’t have the trees that have all the leaves that fall off in the fall so it’s
hard to find the Browns to put so I do go and we take some woodchips
and we have a little chipper so I chip some of those up a little bit more it’s
so to make that I’ve used coconut husks and I’ve literally torn the husks apart
to to give some Browns to put into the compost so it’s been a challenge but you
always find ways to make it work you had to get really creative yeah I think
that’s amazing I’m very impressed by that so this is my husband’s pride and
joy he’s actually the one who grows these these Arvind this is a vanilla
plant it’s it’s say of the fan if the orchid family but it’s it’s a vining
orchid and each flower that comes out has to be hand pollinated and I
understand that that’s across the world the pollinators that used to pollinate
them are extinct now so that’s one reason vanilla beans are so expensive
oh my goodness yeah so this year last year we ended up with about 11 beans and
that was pretty exciting but this year you can see the beans are right here and
they’re all over the front and the back of the plant and he counted them
recently and there’s over a hundred it’s a long process that once they flower and
the beans and get pollinated and the beans start to grow it takes about six
months for them to mature on the on the plant and then you have to mature them
afterwards which we’re still learning we’re watching YouTube to learn how to
do that and we’re gonna go visit a vanilla form on the Big Island of Hawaii
to learn more about it you’ve been dedicated to get out here and hand
pollinate those beans yeah.he we couldn’t travel because he
didn’t know if there’s beans if you have flour cuz they only open for one day so
you you have to catch them on that day that they’re open or you they won’t get
pollinated and it’s an intricate little process that we learned it on YouTube
but if you when you have to like take a toothpick and open up one part of the
flower and bend over another part of the flower to get it took the tip hominy Wow
how fun to see all this tropical fruit growing here in Hawaii
and this looks like a really special tree it it is it’s one of my favorite
things that I’m going right now just because it’s producing so well this year
I’m really excited about it it’s dragon fruit and as you can tell this is
actually a cactus and it’s also sometimes it’s of the same family as
night-blooming cereus I don’t know if L people probably heard of that so it
blooms in the middle of the night and I actually did you don’t have to have
pollen eat them be cut but there’s not a lot of pollinators out at night so I
usually tried it to see when the flowers are gonna be opening and I come out at
night and take a little brush and pollinate them which is I think why
they’ve gotten so big I’ve seen others and I’ve had others that have grown on
here that were a lot smaller that obviously got pollinated some but they
didn’t get pollinated as well so they didn’t grow this big now were you saying
that this one is ready to harvest it is oh my god it’s a harvested for you guys
oh that is so sweet we would love that thank you so much how
do you know what it’s ready is it kind of soft yeah it gets a little soft I
mean obviously it turns more red and they they go from green I mean you can
see this one isn’t close to ready cuz it’s not as big but once they get big
they go from green to red in just a few days so the other day actually I think
it was this one that started turning red first and I thought a good we’ll have
one that’s ready when Kim and Jerry are here so but now there’s lots of them and
I think this one is okay let’s go for hey takes a little bit you have to cut
them off they don’t twist off oh my goodness that is beautiful look at this
color that’s just incredible I think we’ve had one dragon fruit before oh
we’re really excited to to eat this there’s different kinds the varieties of
course this one is what has white flesh on the inside okay yeah I can see that
how pretty wonderful well thank you so much to me this is a real treat for us
you’re welcome you know Kim similar to your coffee wax I’d love to come out in
the morning with my coffee and just have a real quiet time with the Lord it it
just brings me so much and I really learned a lot about his
word when I’m out here that’s really neat and I can see why you like to do it
it’s so peaceful and so beautiful it’s a perfect spot for it yes and around the
corner here is our strawberry trough Wow look at this my husband found these up
and up in the wilderness they used to use them for during the cattle ranching
days for the cattle for troughs for it to feed the cattle and they weren’t
being used anymore and he brought him down and built this up for me and I’d
loved it because it just makes it so easy and it’s perfect for small things
like strawberries and lettuce and and those things I come in harvest really
regularly when you know when they’re when they’re ready for harvest
that’s called repurposing found it yeah it is they’re doing pretty well um I I
think I need to fertilize them a little bit more because they are they are
getting some of them are getting smaller but a lot of them are really really
doing nice what an amazing use of space and you have tons of berries in here I’m
sure they propagate and you can plant runners yeah it started out with
probably eight plants and then just kept planting the runners so again you have
to be resourceful here right and I also love how you have your drip irrigation
hoses trying to hear that too which actually really surprised me about
Hawaii I thought you know who I got more rain but you’re telling me you don’t get
as much rain Harris well it’s not really consistent you know especially on this
island we get a lot of moisture especially in the mornings there’s
actually do here on the other islands there there isn’t a lot of that but it’s
not enough to have the consistent water that you need so I found it really helps
especially because I like to travel and do things so when I’m gone I know that
the plants are getting taken care of the other thing I wanted to point out is you
know I do worm composting and I’ll just throw the you know the X trip like this
you know that’s been eaten by something I’ll just throw that into the bin that I
use to feed the worms and then it ends up in my containers mostly
these little tiny strawberry plants start to grow all by themselves oh my
goodness yes from the little strawberries these are only from seed
volunteers and here we have your compost pile love that you’re composting too yes
and it’s a process always of course like composting is this one is in the process
of I’ve started it but I need to get more materials to fill it up and then
I’ll be incorporating what’s in this which is all of our yard wastes and
moving it into here some of it might need to be chopped up smaller so it’ll
start it’ll start composting and then hopefully by by the time I’m ready to
start refilling some of the garden beds in the spring I’ll have a full bin of
compost but as you know it’ll start out full and it’ll string down to make a
good use out of whatever you take from the garden and you’re putting it right
back into the garden yes exactly exactly Debbie what would you say to someone who
is kind of on the fence about growing their own vegetables about getting into
gardening or even someone who just says you know what gardening just hasn’t
worked for me I would say just don’t give up you know and I would also say
focus on the soil first you know takes some time to really make sure you have
good soil whether you’re buying it and putting it into a container or a raised
bed or growing making your own compost or
whatever you need to do or maybe you have naturally good soil some people are
really lucky that they do but you know figure that out and and if you weren’t
having success in the past that may be why and you could just go back and just
keep trying and it’s a process I actually spoke with smart pots and they
want to send something along especially for you to help expand your growing
space a little bit and I know you mentioned to us how it’s really hard to
get supplies here so smart pots was generous enough to send a six foot long
raised bed for you my good you’ll be able to get soil for this yeah plantain
yeah and hopefully can find a good spot for
it either – thank you so much and I just want to send I know you have
one of these already but I wanted to send another one of my my god Tali Kim
smart pots free I’d love to plantain oh good and hopefully they work well here
in Hawaii yes they do and then a couple seed packets I included heat tolerant
greens oh here yeah which you can add to your garden small space collection nice
you can plant in your containers here and on your deck too and then the late
summer garden has some squash the Tiny Tim tomatoes and all their friends
vegetables that hopefully will grow really well here – oh I’m so that’s uh
sweet if you didn’t mean to do that I’ve really loved using smart pots I have
several of them up on my leaving them yeah good and they work really well good
that’s awesome well we’re really appreciative of you having us here and
taking the day to spend the time with us and show us around your garden it’s been
so much fun oh it’s been fun having you it really has hope you guys enjoyed us
here on the beautiful tropical island of the nightly here in Debbie’s garden
thanks so much for watching we’ll see you on the next video bye

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