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(dog barking) – Go hit the leaves, go. So all these are on your yard, right. And all one of your
neighbors is probably like, the guy who vacuums his yard. I know who that is. Throw the ball. So today I’m going to
show you picking up your leaves pretty easy. Taking these and making some
compost gold for your garden. But first, gotta throw the ball, right? (leaves crunching) So this is what my yard
looked like before covered with leaves, tennis balls. So what I do, I have a mulching mower. I think almost all mowers
have a mulching capacity. And I start… I go around in big circles and
I start mulching the leaves and blowing them in the center. I just make a line of them
and I just pull them up and put them in a tarp. I make a super easy
compost pile over here. Your yard does not have to be immaculate. The mulching mower will
break up the leaves and lay them back down in the grass. And it’s totally fine to
leave them that way because they’ll actually help your soil
and make better grass, okay? So stuff like this, see
this is totally fine. Most of these are broken
down through the snow time this will all break down. Full on leaves, well,
that’s not a full on one. But you don’t want full, well
I mulched all of the leaves so you can’t see that. But you don’t want full complete leaves, you want to chop them up
and they’ll break down. And you’ll have grass for your Labrador. So you don’t want this, you want this. Right Charlie? So, here’s what I’ve got. I’ve got some chicken wire,
this could hardware cloth or screening, whatever
you’ve got laying around. This is about eight feet
of it. six feet of it. And I made it into a circle,
it’s kind of hard to see because it’s really thin
wire against the background of the light. I stapled some stakes to
it, whatever scrap you got. Like pieces of pallet wood
will work really well. And then this puppy goes in the ground and we have a compost bed. (tapping wood) (light music) So what we’ve got here is
where the two pieces of screen connect I have them stapled
together on this wider stake. And I’ve just got some
scrap pieces that hold out the screen into a rough circle. You know we’re seeing garden fork, it’s done better than perfect. Alright we have a whole row
of leaves here, and Labradors. I just take them and I
rake them onto a tarp and they’re ready for transport. (dog barking) I got to move the pile, okay. (upbeat music) Not bad, I kind of over shot here, so we’re just going to
take this and drop it in. And that’s it. This will settle down,
you can add more to it. You could push sticks
through this to add some aeration if you want. It doesn’t hurt to lift
this up a little bit from time to time but in a year
this will break down nicely. I don’t know what she’s doing. But I just want to show you
instead of bagging up your leaves and throwing them out,
it’s actually free compost, free fertilizer, free garden soil, really. In an upcoming video we’re
going to be planting garlic and I take the shredded leaves and lay it on the top
as a Fall mulch as well. I’ve got plenty of leaves as you can see. Alright, so if you have
any questions or comments, I learn from you guys all of the time. So I like to hear from you guys
in the comments below here. Let me know your thoughts. Do you compost leaves? How do you mulch them with your lawn mower or how do you deal with
the leaves on your yard. I’m curious to know that. We put out stuff like this
every week if you want, it’s Eclectic DIY. Make it a great day and throw
the ball for you know who. (Upbeat music)

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  1. My wife does about 90 percent of the yard work on our 1/3 acre yard – her choice, not mine. She picks up the leaves with our mower, then unbags them in the beds and garden areas. Some gets left as mulch, in other areas, she turns it into the soil with a garden fork – composting in place. She does the same with grass clippings. Our formerly sandy soil, is, after 14 years, a rich, fertile loam.

  2. After the first thaw stir it every other day with pee from beer drinking and chicken crap from your backyard chickens for a couple weeks then it should be broken down enough to toss into a 35 gallon trash can. Poke holes in the bottom of the can and set it on a stand with an empty container under it. Toss in a load of red wigglers from your worm farm, let it sit for at least a week. Then you can run water thru it and use the container under it to catch the water for instant filtered compost tea with worm crap in the mid-spring for your newly planted garden 🙂 And when ever you need compost just scoop it from the top.

  3. I lay it on the garden as a mulch to break down on their own, followed by wood chips on top so they don't blow away. Turns into gold in the spring! We mow the leaves into the grass too. Love it! Gunna be taking my grandma's leaves and bring them home 👍

  4. Just a few days ago I spread out my leaves and tilled 'em over this strip of yard I plan to use for a garden come spring. Hopefully it works out, not even sure if that method is sound but it seemed to be the quickest method I could think of. Haven't had much time since I moved into a new house with cutting down trees, clearing out the overgrown yard, and house repairs.

  5. ""Some"" years before , i cleaned a cemetary in November . At the end we had a "Mountain" of this Compost Gold , more than 2 metres in height and in radius…. 🙂

  6. I've found that blowing leaves into piles, then dragging the piles into a clearing I made in the woods. Whan all the leaves are in the clearing, I start up my chipper/shredder shooting all the leaves to one side of the clearing. I then shred them again shooting them where I want my mulch to decompose. After chipping and shredding a second time, the leaves are as fine as confetti. By Spring they are pretty much composted and hand dropping them around the plants and veggies to a depth of 6"I stop weeds from growing and feed the gardens for the summer. The mulch I have left over I either dress the gardens or leave them til next spring when they turn to excellent top soil. This is a little time consuming but as a retired person it permits me to spend another few weeks outside and exercising a few hours a day

  7. can I mulch full leaves? I sold my mower. and yes, I have a neighbor who blows leaves off his yard every single day, all day, all the time….

  8. I once put a "Leaves Wanted" sign in my yard. Once I got to 300 bags I took the sign down. I received another 800 after that. I never put the sign out again and people still dropped leaves off (without asking) for 2 more years. A good problem to have I guess.

  9. we mow ours into bits. last year we mixed the pile with chicken manure and tarped them and made great rich compost. we like the little bits in the grass. Leaves make compost tea, that's where the vitamins are. p.s. if you put leaves and grass trimmings in the nursery it helps keep it warm in there. use chicken wire so the air gets through

  10. Just started my leaves mulch today, how long does it take to break down. That's the only thing that you forgot to mention… Thanks

  11. Hey Brother, enjoyed the video as always. For the last couple weeks I have been reading up on and watching videos on leaf compost/mold/mulching and was glad to see you have one up too. From everything I have seen this is a really great and easy way to amend your soil. Best to get it as chopped up as you can and wet them as you add to the pile. Some say the pyramid shape pile works well and to turn the pile every 4 weeks or so will speed up the process. I have an electric blower I used to get them our from around the bushes and existing mulch and then attached the bagger to turn into that "vacuum guy" which did a really awesome job of shredding the leaf piles into much smaller piles. For the lawn part of my yard I have a riding bag mower and once the leaves have slowed down i plan on running over them on my highest setting and then vacuum them out of the bagger to chop them up even smaller. Once the pile has cooled down I plan on trying some of the composted leaves in my worm bin to see what they can do with it….

  12. New subscriber; if you'll take a garden hose fertilizer sprayer add one can of cola, one can of beer, and one cup of ammonia and spray that over your compost it will add yeast and sugar to speed up the composting purposes.
    It will turn grass clippings under a tarp, into usable compost in two to three weeks.

  13. My mom rakes tons of leaves every year and I think she's getting a little too old for that, will show her this vid! Thanks Eric

  14. Make a heap of leaves and throughout the spring summer season, add lawn clippings and it will compost down far quicker.

  15. Leaves are AWESOME! We use them in our garden and for mulching around our fruit trees etc… It's sorta funny because in our area most people rake their leaves and bag them then they put them by the road for the garbage man to pick up. We started asking these people if we could have them and they are more than happy for us to take them, so we have an unlimited supply of leaves and the best part is we don't have to rake them up! lol! Nice video btw!

  16. Those seem like some happy dogs 😀
    Why don't you post a quick vid to show how your compost pile did now that it's spring time?

  17. If you have showed the result ,then will be better to get the result for learning person like me,thanks for showing the beautifully

  18. We live in an area of a subdivision that has very few leaves. I love gardening, so I got my hands on the community email list and simply put an email out every year asking for bagged leaves for my garden/compost bins. I have tons of people emailing me. All I have to do is go over and load the stuff into my SUV. Can't beat that!

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