: Unboxing and Review after one month in hindi |UGAOO.COM से प्लांट्स खरीदें या ना खरीदें?

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How are you? Today I am going to share review of with you Few weeks back, I ordered some plants from I am going to show you unboxing of those plants in this video If you are interested in buying plants from watch this video till the end
P.S. This video is not sponsored by vendor. Here is the order detail of my purchase from ugaoo mobile application. You can also visit their website for placing your order I got my plants delivered after four days ! They arrived in these cute yellow boxes 🙂 Ugaoo has mentioned unboxing instructions on the top side of each box Often, we unintentionally damage our plants while unboxing them Therefore has come up with this fantastic initiative so that the plants stay intact while we unbox them Take a look at my plants that I just received. They look stunning! Snake plant and Red anthurium plant You might have noticed that I also had a third plant, Kalanchoe in my order snapshot. I have not shown it in this video because it was delivered separately later But it was also equally gorgeous. My plants were delivered in two cute ,colourful pots. One is yellow and the other is red. Both of them are self watering pots that ugaoo provided me free of cost alongwith my plants This is the opening provided where you have to pour water for your plants. My shopping experience from Ugaao was quite good. It has been 3 weeks that I am owning these plants and they still look as pretty as they looked in Ugaoo’s app while I purchased them. I am quite impressed with the unique packaging style of because they provide step by step instructions regarding how to unbox your plant So your plant won’t be damaged due to unboxing mistakes. I got my plants in these self watering pots which are in great demand nowadays. You can buy these pots separately on sites like Amazon. These self watering pots make sure that you don’t underwater or overwater your plant. If you are out of your home for 3 or 4 days just ensure that you pour enough water at this opening. The pot will continue to water your plant in your absence Your plant will absorb water through its roots So, self watering pots ensure that there is no water wastage and there is no chance of overwatering your plant Have you ever bought plants from Tell me in the comments below which plants you ordered and how was your experience I hope that you liked my video If yes, please like this video, share and subscribe to my channel Don’t forget to press the bell button to get notifications of my latest videos.

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  1. A very good initiative and really an amazing method of sustainable usage of water in today's world… Thank you for suggesting the website and giving review which is equally helpful since such reviews help to rely upon the product …

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