UNIVERSAL Potting Soil vs Potting Mix Differences | How to Make Best Potting Mixture for Plants

Hello Friends, Today we will look into how
to make your own Universal Potting Soil and Potting Mix which is also a great universal
seed starting mix. Also we will discuss the Difference between
Potting Soil and Potting Mix and Benefits of Each + which one to use and where to use
them. Coming up.. First of all before making our own universal
potting mix and potting soil, We will clarify ourselves with the confusion between the two
Terms in Gardening and a common question in the mind of a newbie gardener � is there
a difference between Potting Soil and Potting Mix. Yes actually there is a difference, people
not aware of this use both these terms interchangeably referring to the soil or mixture of many other
things they prepare for their plants. Please Note: Potting mix is a soil-less growing
media suitable for container gardening and specially for terrace gardening and because
there is no garden soil or earth soil in it, its light weight and used commonly for balcony
and terrace gardening in containers. Whereas Potting Soil is a mixture of mainly
Garden Soil + all other ingredients like Peat moss, coco peat, perlite, vermiculite, compost,
cowdung powder and many other things in varying proportions. This is commonly used for filling in low spots
in the ground and also raised bed gardening and also container gardening in ground floors. Now Lets Start making our own Potting Soil
and Potting Mixes with the best available ingredients. For Universal Potting Soil, I am using this
Formula: You can change the proportions as per your requirement, but generally this mix
will be useful for any plant. – Garden Soil 50 percent
– Cocopeat or Peat Moss 30 � 40 percent or even you can use River Sand to mix in this. – 5 percent Vermicompost
– 5 percent Perlite or Vermiculite – 5 percent horse dung or cow dung powder
– 5 percent Neem Mix This forms an excellent universal potting
soil for your plants and multipurpose potting soil. Use it for repotting or even transplanting
seedlings and even starting seeds. But I usually do seed starting in a Potting
Mix. To make this as Potting Mix, You remove the
Garden soil and use 60 Percent Cocopeat or Peat Moss Plus other ingredients as above. You can also add river sand about 20 percent. This potting mix can be used as a seed starting
mix or potting mix for container terrace gardening. Regarding What is Perlite vs Vermiculite,
and also what is vermicompost � please watch my separate videos in my collection � and
you can also find the links in the video description below. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on how to make your own universal potting soil and potting mix. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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42 thoughts on “UNIVERSAL Potting Soil vs Potting Mix Differences | How to Make Best Potting Mixture for Plants

  1. Hello sir awesome information and excellent explanation especially for my terrace gardening thank u expect more & more tips

  2. sir tell me the perfect potting soil for vegetable plants so that I can get more vegetables from tomato, chilli, brinjal

  3. sir my vegetable plants are growing quite well and bears flowers earlier than in a usual period. I became happy that I'm going to get vegetables earlier. but after the flower blooms it fall off. why it is happening

  4. sir can mix like this soil mix 50% soil+10%fertiliser+cowdung+teapowder+woodcharcoal +musterd cakemix its use full

  5. thanks man, i have compost and access to free sand, would it be good to use 50 percent sifted compost to 50 percent sand? i tried just compost and its not working, thankyou

  6. Looking for advice please iv raised beds in a greenhouse can i half fill with horse manure then top off with compost pm growing roses and s trawberrys ..thanks

  7. Thanks for the vedio. It was helpful for me. But nowadays v dnt get river sand. So is there any alternate for tat.

  8. Hi sir heard ur from Bangalore……. I have to grow plants in bags and pots like flowering plants and few veggie…. I had made potting mix of cocopeat, vermicompost, and sowed seeds thy germinated bt after for certain height the fall and died…. So pl need advice in this…. I am frm Bangalore… And need it never to contact u

  9. I have a question. I have some store bought new bags of potting soil. When I open the bag soil has moisture and has some white powdery stuff. Is it mold/mildew or something else ? Do I throw out the whole bag if it's mold/mildew ?

  10. Definitely not perlite. White mildewey stuff. Some bags are open but with 90 % soil still in it. I see same white powdery stuff in the bag of steer manure I buy from HD too

  11. very informative vdo, we gather knowledge to how we prepare different soil mix for different uses.thank you so much.

  12. Thank you for your videos, im a new subscriber, 2nd seasons into really growing. Learning from reading and doing. But my soil mix i cant get right . After this im wondering whats more of a shock a poor soil, or repotting.

  13. Hi, I like your channel. I have a question regarding my Anthurium plant. It was gifted by my sister in November and now it has died completely because I failed to take care of it properly. The tag on plant said that it needs 6 small ice cubes every week that's all. And I did the same but I thought that I over did this and Its leaves started to turn yellow so I thought it needs to be replanted into a bigger container so I transplanted it but that also did not work and now after months I am left with only roots and no sign of new leaves coming through. Can you please help me revive my plant if it is possible at all?

  14. এই প্রথম জানলাম potting soil /potting mix এর পার্থ্যক্য,খুব ভাল লাগল।

  15. sir I have many plants but there is shortage of leaves on them please can you guide me that how I can make my plants healthy an green

  16. Hi.. I read somewhere about 1:1:1 ratio of Cocopeat, perlite & vermi-compost. And I've done the same for 15 pots on my terrace. Have I put too much vermi-compost in the potting mix? Please advise, thanks.

  17. Hello,
    I have planted around 12 flower plants in 12" containers. As of now my Gardner came in and potted all of them with general red soil from local nursery. All my plants seem to die very often. Kindly advice!

    Adding to it I have 4 18" containers which had water apple, pomogranate, fig and lemon. The fertilizer shop guy gave me a mutli nutrients packets and told me to put 1/2 kg in each containers. I did and 2 plants water apple and pomogranate dried away in 24 hrs. My fig plant just started dying however my lemon plant started fruiting? How do I receive my fig plant and do I need to repot my lemon plant?

  18. Sir I recently bought mango and cashew plants can u advice me what organic manure I can buy and in what proportion.

  19. Thanks…but you move very fast with details of potting mix. Can u tell the ratio between cocopeat:perlite:vermiculite:compost? Can we grow plants in pots without using any soil?

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