Use compost to replenish your potting soil

One use for homemade compost is simply
for replenishing old potting soil. It’s a wonderful material for doing that. So
let’s do that. We’re gonna take some old potting soil that I’ve collected over
the last few months — where old potted plants die or I just want to take them
out. I put the potting soil in here. I’m just gonna scoop some of this potting
soil used potting soil into this compost and mix it in. It’s a great way to
not only amend this old potting soil for drainage and workability, but we’re also
putting a shot of nutrients back into it, so we can use it again. This old potting soil, that’s been
reinvigorated with compost, is just perfect for transplanting seedlings like
this Texas Star hibiscus it’s ready to go up to a larger pot from the four inch
pot it was in. And we’re giving it this potting soil reinvigorated with compost
that will not only help with drainage, so watering won’t be a problem. We’re also
giving it a boost of nutrients that will not only get it growing, so it will keep it
growing. For Get It Growing I’m Kerry Hefner with the LSU AgCenter.

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