Use of Rice Water for Plants

In the name of ALLAH I am your host Aqdas Rehman, Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider In todays videos we will see how we can use rice washed water for our plants take rice as much as you want to cook took them in a separate utensil put them in a bigger container then soak rice with water you can add water as much as you want let the rice soak in water for sometime wash rice after sometime with hand like this by doing this there would be nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium added in the water there is also starch in rice that could also be added in water wash it like this after washing rice separate water in a mug pour it in a separate container and apply that water in your plants you can do this method twice in a week and apply this water in your plants by doing this you can save water and you don’t need to throw this water away and your plants will get a good natural fertilizer this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video till then Goodbye! take care yourself and others and love the plants, SUBSCRIBE my channel Go Green, Pakistan Green!

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