Using a Garden Planner to Make the Most of Your Garden

[Music] A well-planned vegetable garden is a
productive vegetable garden, and our Garden Planner is the easiest way to
produce that perfect garden plan. Make the best use of the space you have,
avoid wasting time or resources, and start planning now for bumper harvests.
Let me show you how… Our Garden Planner helps you to plan your garden
as efficiently as possible Set your location and the Planner looks up your first
and last frost dates, based on your nearest weather station, using this to recommend
planting dates and estimate harvest times. The dates can also be adjusted to
more accurately reflect your garden’s microclimate. If you grow in a hot climate you can
split the growing season into two to avoid planting cool-season crops
in extreme summer heat. The Garden Planner
can help you to layout your garden like a pro. Draw the position of paths, beds,
and containers… include vital Garden Objects such as compost bins
and water barrels… and mark the location of growing aids, for example
irrigation lines and plant supports. There are hundreds of different vegetables, fruits, herbs
and flowers to choose from. As you add your plants, the Garden Planner calculates
how many plants can be grown in that area without overcrowding them. While doing this,
the accompanying Plant List constantly updates to show you precisely
how many plants you’ll need for each crop, their recommended spacings and planting times, making sowing and planting accurate and eliminating
wastage. Every plan that includes Garden Objects also includes a
Parts List of equipment – very handy when planning elements such as irrigation
that have lots of component parts. Prefer to grow your crops at a higher density using
Square Foot Gardening? The Garden Planner has this covered too. Simply switch to SFG mode, and the software will calculate how many plants may be
grown in each square foot. You can have SFG and standard-spaced plants
such as bushes on the same plan, and can just switch between them
using the SFG button. The Garden Planner is a powerful tool
for planning succession or follow-on crops, making it easier to grow even more. View your plan month-by-month to check
where and when gaps appear, then filter crop choices to show only those that
can be sown or planted in that month. Now choose any of the filtered crop choices
to fill in the gaps in your plan. You can also filter crops according to crop
family, or for helpful characteristics such as crops that are easy to grow,
shade tolerant, or suitable for fall planting or harvesting. Using the accompanying Plant List you can
check how adding crop protection such as a cold frame will extend sowing and harvest dates – ideal when planning early or late
season vegetables and fruits. Pop a cold frame, row cover or other protection over
your crop of choice and the Plant List immediately adjusts the period you
can sow, plant and harvest so you can plan for an even longer growing season. Create a follow-on plan for next year,
and the Garden Planner helps you to avoid problems with pests and diseases by warning you any time you try to place a plant in an area
previously occupied by plants of the same crop family. Another powerful tool
is the Companion Planting feature. This very handy tool makes it easier than ever
to find perfect matches for your plants. Simply select a crop, click on the Companion Planting
button (shown by the heart icon), then choose from one of its companions
now displayed in the selection bar. Genius! These are just a few of the many compelling
reasons to subscribe to the Garden Planner. It’s easy to get clever with your planning,
and the results will be bigger, better harvests. Give it a try this growing season
and see the difference for yourself! [Music]

23 thoughts on “Using a Garden Planner to Make the Most of Your Garden

  1. If there would be an Android-app and not only iOS, i would get it. But as long there is only iOS supported, i won't. And i don't want to take my computer to the garden.

  2. I've used your garden planner for years now…. But I learned several new functions today! My only complaint is you can only save 5 garden plans. I am a volunteer manager of 2 gardens besides my own. Fortunately, I figured out that I can update each garden from year to year instead if starting a new plan. I do recommend your Planner to my friends! Thanks!

  3. why a yearly subscription ? would prefer buy once with upgrades and fixes included..and it needs to work on all devices

  4. Love the garden planner, but some flowers need to be added. Notably absent are daisies, primroses, hostas, hydrangeas, poppies, holly, violets, agapanthus, bleeding hearts, forget-me-nots, heleniums, hellebores, jasmine, lilacs, hollyhocks, yarrow, and lupines. Savory should also be added to the herbs.
    The planner really makes planning fun. I can get info, look for companion plants, and customize so many things. I'd like to thank whoever made the software.

  5. I have trouble with the app on my iPad. It won’t let me do filled shapes for paths and whatnot. Would also love to see some watermelons added to the crop list! Otherwise I think it’s a great app and it’s been super helpful for me with renovating the garden.

  6. Great to see it has been updated since I last looked. Any chance I can have different screens for different parts of the garden or would I have to slide round the one screen? By this time next year we should have several no dig beds, several hugels, a few polytunnels, a fruit area and a green house. It would be good to include my mushroom growing areas too although I don't (yet!) expect you to advise on those but I guess I could add custom reminders? So glad to have found you again 🙂

  7. Cool Idea that I would pay a one time fee for (between $30-45) but I'm trying to be more self sufficient and subscribing to a yearly service doesn't work for my plans.

  8. Bought the one year 🙂 so far so good, it has helped me figure out where and how big I want to make my garden boxes and also what I am going to plant and how many starts I will need for the things I am starting inside 🙂

    Here is my plan if anyone is wondering if they should get the program, I also just run it from the website…

  9. Please advise how to delete a an item (small box)from my plan, or can you delete the whole plan, and start again I am just getting started.

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