Using Finished Compost in 60 Seconds

[Instructor] Compost is finished
when it’s brown and crumbly and smells earthy like soil. Finished compost is
usually found in the middle or at the bottom
of a compost pile. Many compost bins have a
lower door for harvesting. You can lift many small
bins right off the compost. With larger bins, you’ll
have to dig the compost out. Some pieces of woodier material, like sticks or corncobs, will still be present
in the finished compost. These won’t harm the soil, but if you prefer, you can screen them out and return them to the bin. Egg shells break down slowly and will still be visible
in the finished compost. In a garden, you can mix
finished compost into the soil or spread it on the surface. Adding a couple inches
each year is ideal. You can also add a scoop of
compost to planting holes. Raking half an inch of
screened compost into a lawn makes it more lush and green. You can also add
compost to potted plants to reduce the need
for fertilizer. Adding finished compost to soil helps plants stay
healthy and vibrant.

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