Using Weed Barrier Cloth in a Vegetable Garden

On this vine crop we used weed barrier cloth
which is a really nice fabric material that let’s the water and the rain goes through
as well as letting the air go through so we have goods soil underneath that the roots
can grow into. They get watered whereas if you use black plastic or clear
plastic, the water either drains off away from the plant or drains to the plants and drowns
them. With the fabric material all the rain, water and air go right
up and down through it. There may be some we growth underneath, but
they don’t get up and seed. Another good use for this material is
that it keeps the fruit clean. The watermelon right here is growing
on the fabric instead of on the soil and so it doesn’t get moldy, it doesn’t get rotten,
doesn’t have ants or other problems getting into the fruit. It stays nice and clean
and it’s a really great way to grow a garden

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