Vegetable & Fruit Gardening : How to Grow Okra

Hi, I’m Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm, and
this is how to grow okra. Okra is a heat loving plant. It is very intolerant of cold, and
it can withstand absolutely brutal heat and keep producing. Best way to plant okra is
in the spring, after any danger of frost has passed get a well prepared, well tilled soil,
free of weeds, and plant okra one seed at a time, about one foot apart within a row,
and maybe eighteen inches across the row. Once the plant starts to flower and produce
fruits you want to make sure you only get the absolute most youngest fruits. You can
see here that the color starts to change. These older ones are darker, and the younger
ones are lighter. The way you can tell if okra is good is that if the tip breaks off
easily such as that then that’s still good. It’s still tender enough to eat, and it’s
not going to be too bad. But these older ones; if you don’t catch them in time they get really
fibrous and really almost impossible to eat, and if you try to break off the tip of those
it doesn’t break at all; it just sort of smooshes. And this is going to be far too hard to eat
and cut up. It’s just not worth dealing with. So, you want to stick to these lighter colored
ones that are near the top of the plant and what it’s producing. Clippers are best because
the stems can get kind of woody, but once you get that there’s your okra. Again, okra
is a heat loving plant, and it will thrive in the heat of the summer, and as it cools
down it really starts to behave differently, and it gets tall like this, and it’s not going
to be as good. And as soon as the frost comes it’s going to get totally wiped out, so get
what you can before then. I’m Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm, and that’s how to grow okra.

32 thoughts on “Vegetable & Fruit Gardening : How to Grow Okra

  1. if we all[or half of us] planted a single fruit tree and some vegetables we would be giving fresh produce away as there would be too much

  2. Also, what is deal with the title, "How to Grow Okra". There is no info on "growing". It should be "How to Harvest Okra". Is
    the expertvillage really an "expert"?

  3. i grabbed some seeds out of an ocra plant in my aunts garden. I saved them in a knapkin until i got home. the next day when i took them out they were much smaller and kind of shrivled up. Will these still grow???

  4. You should have cut off thse big pods because it slows up production.Unless your saving them for seed???

  5. These okra plants are not 'tall' by any stretch of the imagination. When growing in fertile soil with adequate warmth and moisture, they will commonly reach between 8-12' at maturity. If you harvest the pods (fruits?) at the optimal time, they shouldn't get woody, which will also stimulate the plants to extend their yield. For the average gardener, a few plants should be more than sufficient.

  6. If you let the okra to to long, let it die and harvest the seeds.
    I highly recommend clippers/scissors/sheers for most okra varieties.
    My favorite thing about okra, is the abundance of seeds you get in each pod. Also, when their ultra young, you can eat the seeds raw and they taste like peas (to me).

  7. Why are you guys busting his chops about being high? If you listen to his voice he sounds like he has a cold. People should really think before they type and stop assuming things.

  8. @DeisisAndDrosera Close. He doesn't have a cold. He has allergies. I guess it's his" thorn in the flesh." God has blessed him with a love for gardening, but he's allergic to what he loves. And I agree, these guys should stop giving him a hard time. Dude is suffering for his love of gardening. Also, these vids are old. I've seen him on TV recently. He looks more mature, and he has a full beard.

  9. you know, the okra looks like a monarch pupa, except longer or vice versa the monarch pupa looks like the okra vegetable, except shorter

  10. You say plant Okra 1 ft apart. Some say plant 2 or 3 feet apart and leave all the sprouts grow wish produce okra. Is the 1 ft apart faster producer. Or have you tried both methods and is one superior at producing early or producing more. I tried the ft apart but didn't have enough seed to plant all slots.

  11. everyone thats anyone knows the best plants are grown by stoners. reread-not all stoners grow the best plants…but the connection to the earth spirits are best understood by those closest to them. the plant freaks. mushroom heads. cactus drinkers. compost brains.

  12. yes, sometimes it is green, but i've seen both purple and red pods before and since when is a flower a vegetable?

  13. Plant okra about one foot apart. I grow okra every year. And let some okra stay on the plant and turn brown. Then you will have all the seeds you will ever need for next year. I usually leave about four plants alone for seeds. They will wilt and die and produce more seeds than you can use. Good luck

  14. Haw to harvest. Not haw to plant couse didn't see u plant it. Or mybe u idiot and harvest first and then plant?

  15. You might want to read and correct your description. Okra is tender frost, as in not very happy in cold especially at night.

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