Vegetable Garden Planner

[Music] Creating your perfect vegetable garden is
easy with the Garden Planner. First click the New Plan button, then give
you plan a name, and check that the selected year is for the
correct growing season. Then choose the size for your whole
vegetable garden area. Be sure to make this large enough for the paths and space around your vegetable beds as well. The new garden plan opens in its own
tab, so you can have more than one plan open at a time and can switch easily between them. Along the top is the toolbar with buttons grouped according to function. Before using the drawing tools, you need to set the formatting you want – the color, line width, or font size. Then simply click once to pick
up the tool – in this case a rectangle – move to where
you want it to start, and hold down your mouse to drag it out Once placed on the plan, shapes can be
resized using the corner handles, rotated using the round handles, and moved by dragging them. You can select shapes by clicking them, and holding down the Shift key enables
you to select more than one shape which can be moved as a group. Selected shapes can be deleted using this Delete button, or the Delete key on your keyboard. It is important to save your work whenever you reach a stopping point. To add plants use the Selection bar. You can browse them by clicking the
arrows at each end, or you can click the first letter of the
plant name. Each plant has an Information box which gives you all the essential facts
about how to grow it. To add a plant, click it once to pick it up, then move
to where you want it on your plan. Click to place a single plant, or hold down the mouse to drag out a row. Plants can easily be adjusted using the handles, and moved by dragging them. To create a
block of plants, just drag a corner handle down. The colored background shows how much
space the plants require, and the tooltip shows how many plants you can grow in
that area. The color represents the crop family,
which you can use for crop rotation, and is also shown by the color of the Information button. When your plan is done, just click the
Plant List button to be taken to a complete list of plants from your plan. This includes the number of plants you can
grow, the spacing, and when to sow, plant and harvest them, plus you can easily add notes. Whatever the size of your growing area,
the Garden Planner makes it simple to create and change your plan until you
get it just how you want it. There are many more features which you
can explore in the other tutorial videos.

15 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Planner

  1. I could use one for hydroponics and for greenhouses, but I think using hydroponics makes it easier to avoid frost dates and you wouldn't have to worry about rotating crops because you would start over with your water…. Probably why they haven't done this… but it would help with the mixing of different plants to avoid pests….

  2. yeah, well If I were to be a happy owner of a bigger garden. I think I would be really happy to have a planner… because it is more necessary to own a hydroponic planner, because one has to be more vigilant, because plants is needing attention, much more than plants grown in soil…

  3. Just a little constructive criticism here… put the link to the site with the actual program in the description area. No one should ever have to read through comments to find out where to go in order to get the item your subject is about.

  4. Easy and best way of growing plum from seeds.Not much people discussed about this trick in the internet…

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