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Hello viewers,
This video is the update on the bin that was set up in the previous video where I demonstrated
“How to quickly make Supercharged Vermicompost”. If you haven’t watched the previous video
yet, I’d suggest you to first watch it and then come back over for the update on the
bin. I’ll also drop the link to the previous video
in the description below. So, let me give you a brief insight on how
things went in these 25 days. Also, let me tell you that, I didn’t even see the bin from
the day it was set up. Since this time is the rainy season here,
in India, so the moisture maintenance wasn’t much of an issue, as I did place this bin
in the area which partially protected the bin from rains and only allowed drizzly showers
to reach to the bin. In other seasons, I give them a glass of water
for this size bin on every alternate day. Special care is taken in summers, where I
make sure that the covering cloth remains moist and I put a couple of small earthen
pots filled with water to keep the temperature down in the hottest noons.
Ok, so Let’s remove this cloth and see what our earthworms did to our super mixture. Woww… That looks amazing. I mean, This is
what they call as “The Black Gold”. Let’s checkout if anything from our super
mixture is still there or everything has been eaten already by the earthworms. Also, lets
take a note of what are the findings or learnings from this 25 days super bin. Firstly, The cardboard which was kept on the
top is not decomposed fully and is partially eaten by the earthworms. Not much of an issue.
Lets ignore this and move further. Secondly, I can see a few fly larvae in this
bin, probably these are the soldier fly larvae. Not an issue if they are few in number and
you are totally concentrating only on your output, ie. vermicompost as they’re only going
to accelerate the process. It becomes an issue if they start taking over your bin and you
notice a considerable amount of larvae in your bin. They won’t spoil or contaminate
your output but might make the bin hot and difficult for earthworms to thrive and survive.
So, when you see them, you should consider revamping your bin with smaller air vents
so that the flies couldn’t enter inside to lay their eggs. I don’t see any other worries or any other
specific finding. I am totally satisfied with this vermicompost. As I mentioned earlier,
I didn’t even look at the bin in the last 25 days and the water supply to this bin was
totally dependent on the rain water. So, perfect for me. This is our supercharged vermicompost
and I am going to use this to fertilize my garden.
What are you waiting for? C’mon, It’s not a rocket science subject. It’s fairly simple.
Get started and post your queries in the comments below. I’d love to answer them.
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videos in the future. Well, see you then. B-bye. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Vermicompost | 25 days update on Supercharged vermicompost bin | Gold Tree India

  1. Thanks for the video and your previous one on vermicomposting. Just wondering how you add this to your garden? What quantities etc. I am going to try your method as my current worm farm is definitely not working to its potential! Cheers, from Chch, New Zealand.

  2. Very inspiring. I just bought some worms and I live in an apartment complex in bangalore. Going to try the setup that you suggested in your previous video. Good luck

  3. Excellent results. I very much enjoy your approach to vermi-composting. Best of luck to you. Mathew from Jacksonville, Florida

  4. Hi from where I can get the earth worms. As I am willing to start the same method which you have been shown so requesting you to please suggest from where I can get the earth worms

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