Vermicompost Bins – 2017 Intern Research Project

We are with the Lower Brule Research program. We are researching vermicompost. Vermicomposting is the process in which you
use food scraps, mainly fruits and vegetables and worms, to make the first compost bin we
used five wooden pallets and half inch hardware cloth for the basics. We screwed the bins together and the hardware
cloth was screwed onto the pallets on the inside of the bin. This costs roughly about 24 dollars. For the second compost bin we made a door
so it wasn’t exactly like the first compost bin. We also used garden netting instead of hardware
cloth. For this bin we also placed in on the outside
of the bin with staples,this cost roughly 32 dollars. We laid food scraps, paper, mulch, and dirt
in the compost bin. We did this to create a habitat for the worms. We then kept layering the bin with food scraps
which we got from the store, commodity office and the casino. We also had help from the school. By making these bins and this vermicompost,
we are trying to help the community garden by making fertilizer to use when they plant
plants. Instead of going to get store bought fertilizer
which may cost a lot, this compost is also healthier for the plants. Because it is natural and has more nutrients,
also by making these we are trying to answer research questions such as, “What is the best
bin to use to make vermicompost?” Which explains why we didn’t make the bins
the same way. So far we have found that the worms may not
have survived possibly due to hot weather in either bin. The benefits of the first bin are that it
is easier to construct, it is cheaper than the other bin and the hardware cloth on the
inside of the bin holds the food back more that the garden netting on the other bin. The hardware cloth is also stronger that
the garden netting. The benefit of the second bin is that it has
a door, so when the compost is ready you can get it out of the bin easier. For now with all of the benefits, I think
the first bin is better, but next year when we checks the bins for compost the second
one may be better because of the door and it will be easier to get out of the bin.

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