hi everyone say two more and welcome to the very first episode of worms today is a very special day because I received my fermi compost let’s go my dear [Music] okay so now it’s done what’s a vermicompost first of all it is a tune that allows you to produce compost which is full of nutrients for plants and you can produce compost out of dishes waste and fillings from fruits and vegetables you eat the main thing about vermicompost is that there will be some worms to eat job for me inside this they will eat while I will be bringing to them and regulating population according to this I do not have worms for the moment but I will be provided soon by my sister there are several advantages of a vermicompost at home the first one is that you produce your own compost which is convenient if you have some plants at home that may need fresh soil are maybe to need to be put in a in a bigger pot the other main advantage of a lumber combust is that you reduce the amount of waste thrown away in the regular bean this reduction might be important depending on your eating habits but of course this is not a regular being in which you throw everything and never pay attention to it you need to pay attention to the balance between carbonaceous matter and nitrogenous matter so carbonaceous matter is like car bars and papers like this and nitrogenous matter is basically food not like this [Music] cheap basic cardboard and they will help you manage the moisture it’s tiny vermicompost okay so that’s now let’s go for the vermicompost okay so you have two parts that can be covering the vermicompost after that you have so this is kind of container I think it’s for the the juice you know the the moisture water that will be at the bottom of the the vermicompost that you will be able to gather it and maybe throw it away or use it I don’t really know for the moment we have the small plastic parts I have some wheels it’s for the bottom of the vermicompost I also have guide a user’s guide next one what’s this I guess it’s the bottom of the Burma campus okay so the three compartments here like this will be like flowers for my worms will be able to travel through it so they will be able to travel through these small holes and then go from one floor to another and this part on this one I have a kind of a carpet inside it I don’t know they use the purpose of it for the moment but again I guess it’s written in the user’s guide so over see later I got this one from a company who uses recycled plastic out of automotive parts that’s all for this first episode I hope you enjoyed it as much as I need if you have any questions you can put it below the video I will do my best to answer it you must forget the small towns and have a nice day [Music] you

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