Vermicompost Experiment: Ant Invasion!

Hello everyone unit 13 here on the scene at the homestead this is update 12 of worm bin 1. The experimental bin that was started from a small amount of worms that came from a transplanted, a transplanted potted plant. I had the extra bin and those worms surprised me, so I thought I would try to start a fresh bin from very little amount of material and see how it would evolve. That’s what all the previous videos document. Here in this video we have its two parts. It’s going to feature a normal update and then the second half is why, why this experimented ended very abruptly. And the surprise find. Through a mistakenly taken photograph of exactly why those ants invaded this. invaded this bin. So I’ll let everything play out in the video. And I’ll take the time now to thank you for watching all this experimental thing on a an updates on bin one. Ok, I’m just looking inside here and it just smells like earth dirt and I don’t really see much activity. I don’t really see much activity of the worms in here. So I’m tearing all this down moving it over. And I’m gonna go get my tool dig around in here alright, lets’ see. Lift this up. Okay, we got worms under there I think they would be doing a lot better If, uh, I had, um Taken those really pulleys out of here. Yeah, those worms in here, okay, we got a good view on the inside of what’s going on, down here on this bin. I’m sorry about the shakiness Okay, so bin one There were no odors just smelled like earthy. The worms are down at the bottom they’re just in in that dirt like I thought. And I’m gonna get their ??? ???. I’m gonna get a bunch of roly polys out of there again I have to figure out how to get him out, but Hopefully this next time I won’t kill everybody and then What else Yeah, that that since the in section down here started off about two inches thick or something and it’s sunk down to about an inch. That surprised me. No wonder there are no worms down there or very little worms. I think they’ll be up here in this thicker part where the moisture stays, up here. All right that it? Yeah, that really put a, really knock down the roly poly, um, guys big time. So see if I can’t get them caught up in this cardboard Here stay in there stay in there Yeah, the experimental bin I’m opening up see if we can catch this, see this lizard here. Ready to go. I think it went down or out. Okay, there it is right there, see on the edge. Okay, I got that lizard there. And. Then see if I could catch that. There was a frog under here I threw that back over it. Somebody ate it? See if I can figure out that frog went. There! There’s the frog. Coming out. Okay. Now, where’s the gecko? Okay It stayed hanging there the whole time. Look at that just hanging Woo, it’s out of focus. I thought we were gonna get to see the gecko oops There’s a lot of food in there isn’t it, huh? I’m gonna take it over there and I’m gonna dump it in the recycle thing, in the compost bin. You gonna go for a ride? Got ants in here. How in the world did this get ants? And the frog get in here? It has a moat around it. I’m pausing in the footage here to show you a photo that I’m oftentimes plagued with when I’m switching, um, a setting on my iPhone for either video or photo. It was set a photo I went to set it or change it to video and mistakenly took this photo. Which happened to answer the question of where at least did the ants come from? Because here clearly in this photo you can see that I have bridged the gap between the moat and the bin, down to the floor straight with that piece of plywood. Normally, it doesn’t touch the bin but something moved it. It’s up there to shade it from the Sun and. So there’s the answer in a mistakenly taken photograph. Okay back to the video. You’re really sticking by there. Check that lizard out it is completely hanging out here the whole time. Hung out directly under me. That’s a totally trippy. You’re lucky you got out of here alive. Those cats will eat you in no time. Those guys are not forgiving. Wow, that’s really crazy. What are you doing hanging out there you little freak? Hey Look at that, that’s unbelievable. Laughs, that’s the end of that.

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