Vermicompost Experiment: Bin 1 Last Days Time Lapse

Hello everyone its unit 13 here on scene at
the homestead. We’re looking at the ant invasion of bin 1
which is why it was retired. And then we can also see in this photo here
the reason that the ants invaded that bin. Is because I accidently knocked the piece
of plywood I use for shading on that area to keep the sun off, up against the top of
it. And it created enough of a bridge so that
those ants invaded that bin. It was originally just an experiment from
a few worms that were found in a planter pot. I thought it would be a good idea to try and
see if I could start a new bin with those found worms. And a few other things in the process. So some of those things are visible in these
before and afters. I thought this seemed it interesting. Because the way it set up is, it comes into
the bin from the last feeding and shows what it was like, and then it shows what it looks
like when I put the food in and then the next time that its opened up how things have changed. There were never a lot of worm in here to
begin with. But at one point it did look like they started
to take off in there. And then I had miscalculated the depth of
the sphagnum moss is what I used in the bottom of that. I should have made it deeper. I think that the worm, the worms would have
done a lot better. And thrived more in there had I had more soil. And I guess the other thing is important is
paying attention to that moat and making sure something doesn’t get in the way. I’ll pay more attention into the future. This is unit 13 I’m out of here.

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