Vermicompost Experiment: Change of plans

Alright, so I decided to change what I’m gonna do with this, because this, don’t know if this is going to stay in focus here or not (mumbles) Start digging down in here. You can see there are worms all at the top surface. They’ve moved down because I just put a bunch of water in. Change the way I’m doing that because… Alright start rinsing it down, changing the way I’m doing this. Just in here and the other one probably too, cuz they’re cleaning it out pretty fast and, I got a bunch of stuff that needs to go in. So, I’m adding it now. Cantaloupe…..grapes. Okay, so that’s what I’m adding. There you go, bin 3 Wow, look how well groomed the top of that looks! And those sprouts really just want to keep coming. There’s worms trying to hollow that thing out, look at that. Working on it. So now I’m gonna change this. Okay now, we’ll lift this onion, and we’ll be able to see what’s up under there. Now look at all the adults. It’s trying to grow but look at all the adult worms up into there. They love it! Look how they, They’re uh, don’t know if this is, visible there or not, but you can see how the worms are laying in it. Seem to like those onions. Sorry everybody, yeah, you we’re all situated. Anyway, you can see how it’s just starting to sink. Just start sinking. It has that look like it’s sinking. And it’s those guys eating it or whoever. Alright. Here we go, going to put them in flat, flat as possible. Thing I’ve noticed most about grapes, anything with a skin on it, you want to break the skin first. The worms will devour it. If not, it’ll take them a while to get to it. It’s about how their mouth parts are. (Closing Music) CC by Unit 13, visit for more information.

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