Vermicompost Experiment: Check-up

Okay, let’s get started. This is bin 1, update 10, of the vermicompost experiment. August 9th just before I put this, this waste in there. Here we are on, August 18th. They are clearing it out. I got in this bin expecting to see, hundreds of those Roly Polys. And, what we see here is what we get. Um, I’ll come back to that in a moment. Uh, just looking around on the inside there, and, there was no odors when I open that. And, I don’t see any worms at the surface. That means they’re down below there, and they’re probably looking for anything that’s still, uh, decomposing. Okay back to the Roly Polys. I, I, didn’t know, when I went back in there. and after I had opened it, I was busy and got distracted. And I, I, was going to go in this bin and open it to, to vacuum out a bunch of Roly Polys and then transfer them outside. But by the time I got set up, I hardly saw any in there. Didn’t look like there was any more than the last time. So I was very confused by that. And I didn’t take any of them out of the bin. So I uh, just left it like that and I fed it. But, when I started to edit the video, I watched this section of footage there, that we’ve been watching, and that’s when I noticed that there are way more in there than I thought. They had all just moved out of the way. So I couldn’t, I couldn’t see them. So the next time I come back, I’m going to vacuum out some of these Roly Polys for the for the next time. There’s not much to note, there’s no roaches. In this bin, everything looks good. This is unit 13, I’m out. (Metro-Nashville Fire Rescue Dispatch Audio) CC by Unit 13.

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