Vermicompost Experiment: Death of a roach

(Intro music) Ok bin 2, let’s get right to it (Container opening) So here’s the overall health of it after all the worms have left stupid camera our phone has once again let us down (children booing in the background) Think this is the one that had a roach in it before I thought or whichever bin it was I was trying to figure out where it was and it was unbelievable In my hand, but I was I couldn’t really feel it Cuz I was using that gloved hand to move the cardboard and I had grabbed it (laughs) soon as I realized I grabbed it of course I threw it down on the floor and squashed it. (kaboom! in the background) Should have video taped it for you but I didn’t. (Horse Galloping) (Music Playing) (Birds chirping, wind, natural sounds) So much for a steady hand, look at that (laughs at self) Yeah, this is bin 3, wow, everything is looking good in here Plenty of worms. Doesn’t look like there’s any roaches running around in here or anything else that doesn’t belong Wow Yeah, I know (speaking to someone in the background) There’s that piece of carrot right there. And where it’s not where it’s not gone bad. Look it’s still pristine. They haven’t touched it Okay Wow, there are still a lot of more worms in here because there’s nothing I think there’s almost nothing left of this. Yeah, there’s a little bit. Yeah, they’re really cleaning that out Okay, there’s a big piece there I can feel that I’m not gonna put it up. It’s gonna be full of worms. That’s full of worms. See this? Look how down in the ground that is, or into the soil. Okay, that soil, that seed in there is trying to germinate. Where is the photo, there we go. (phone sound) Alright let’s feed this thing in. (Bicycle sounds) (Generic emergency scanner recording, sound effect)

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