Vermicompost Experiment: Fermenting, Lizards & Disappearing Spiders Part 1

Hello everyone, it’s unit 13 here on scene at Homestead and here we are back in time to July 20th. Sorry about the laughing, July 20th in bin 2 here after the chaos with the gecko and trying to catch that thing and keep it out of there never showed back up again. I imagine that the cats got it, but on to the bin here. Um, this, this, bin, I think this video is gonna be a lot longer because I’m gonna show more behind the scenes stuff. And. What I do inside the bins. And some more close-up stuff of what’s going on inside there. So it’ll, this is just my, my intro, and then the rest of it’s gonna be me actually on the actual day. Also, check this out. Look what a huge difference here on August 9th. What a change. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Alright! Bin 2. Here we are down in the bin. Look at those seeds! Something wants to germinates doesn’t it? Take a quick look around in here. Wow! Okay Alright, that’s what it’s looking like indside bin 2 there before I destroy it. I’m just want to run along this edge here quick. I hope this is saying focus. You see that? Running along here. That’s worms trying to get out of the bin for some reason. They’re probably hungry. It’s what I’m thinking Okay, so. (Light switches clicking) There we go. That lights it up much better. Hmm. How about that handiwork? So, alright, we got to stop this. From growing any more. We’re gonna stop that from taking up nutrients in this (Vegetation snaps) Chop those off that’ll be in the end of it. Yeah. I don’t see worms at the top here anywhere. That’s cuz there’s, oh there was, wait! worm peeking out there, they’re probably, somethings running off of that. Look at that seed germinate. Oops, sorry about that. (deep breath) All right, I picked up a seed and there was a big ball of worms under it. So we can see where they’re at there. How they’re doing. Hope that’s in focus. All right, just a quick shot of that. I’ll hold this for the moment. Yeah, there’s more, under there because this is, decaying. And they’re going for anything and everything, that’s in here. That’s breaking down. So let me go back over here because I didn’t turn just some stuff over. Want to turn everything over at this point this is…. Oh, yeah! Nice ball of worm there. Okay, I’m gonna come out with the camera. See what’s going on with this here. Oh, there’s gonna be, a lot of worms around this stuff here. Because this is not, yet, broken down. So there’s a nice ball of worms trying to get at this mango that’s slowly breaking down. That’s what it looks like when they can’t get through with that skin as easy. So I’m gonna open that thing up. Because I know there’s a lot of hungry worms in here. There. Turn it down, make it easy for them to get to. There. It will destroy their meal but they’ll be happy. Oh! Check out who’s on my arm here. Bet that won’t focus. Take it down here a minute. That tiny worm, don’t know how that got up on my arm, but there it is. Earthquakes. Okay, let’s get, um. Let’s do my experiment with this, bin here, uh, let take that out. Okay, that’s got that fresh mango up there so I’m gonna put, I know this bin will eat a lot. So, I’ll put, fresh salad stuff up there. And then, there’s a leek or something I forgot what that’s called. Um, want to put, I’m want to put this in there and see what they do with it. This got us just a regular salad. It was treated. I pulled some, I pulled some, um (laughs at self) shrimp out of there. Hopefully, I got all the shrimp. We’ll see what happens with it. I want to see what they’ll do with this. Being a normal, just a normal salad that’s got salad dressing on it and everything. Okay. Just a big pile up there. Just like, just kind of like that, actually I want to spread it out just a little bit There we go. See what they’ll do with that. And then, I’m going to take, and, going to put, alright, a little more of these in here. Shifting over to August 12th, notice in the upper left-hand side of the screen they are in the bin. I’ve put a mango. I forgot to put that in and I realized it when I was working in bin 3. So I just popped that in really quick. Here we are switching over to August 18th It’s a really major difference to see what happens inside those bins and what the bin, what the worms do. I believe the worms have been inside this salad eating it. Um. It’s just they move out of the light so fast I can’t catch them. Any of the worms in it. By the time I get the cardboard and everything set up. So it’s really, it’s really amazing. But there’s a huge difference and here we’re coming up on the 18th. And there it is. They’re staying away from those, those olives that have the vinegar in them, of course. Everything else is starting to break down. As soon as it does they eat it. This video is long enough, so I’m going to split it up into two parts. So watch for two part, or (laughs) two parts? Watch for part two. CC by Unit 13

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