Vermicompost Experiment: Fermenting, Lizards & Disappearing Spiders Part 2

Oh wow! I don’t know if that camera caught that little lizard or not. I don’t know if I can catch that. He went up under the lip. (laughs) It was a little gecko. Not a gecko, but uh, some type of anole. It looked like maybe it was a gecko but I thought it was in anole. Just went up under the lip of this thing. Going steal some of my worms are you? I see that’s why there’s no, there’s no spiders in here. Usually you can tell, if I open a bin and there’s no spiders in it, and it’s really clean of spiders, I can usually count on that there’s been, has been a lizard in there or there is one. Enough of the lizard excitement, here we are on July 20th. With what the bin look like then? Okay, we’re down in bin 3 here whoops, let’s see, alright, down in bin 3 here. Uh. Either an anole or a gecko just went flying out of here. So who knows who else might be down here lurking around? Um. Let’s just bring it back down in here. Got to know where I’m going. Anybody lurking around? No surprises. There are some really healthy worms. Watch how fast they move back and into that earth. Or actually, that’s poop, because that’s all eatin vegetables. That they pooped out. And, they’re almost gone. Like they weren’t there huh? Pretty neat. Yeah, this, this bin here needs food big time. All right, so let’s pull this up take a look. Yeah, everybody’s gone below. They’re trying to find some food. We’re getting this out though. Hope I, there we go (Snapping sounds) I’m breaking those because I want them to not be, soaking up nutrients in there. Time to change gears here and start throwing on the food. Some mangoes. No more mangoes on the tree. That’s it for the season. I’m gonna add these bell peppers. I’ve added these bell peppers before but forgot I put them in there. And, come back to check on them. By the time I remembered there was there wasn’t a trace left. So I don’t really know what happened with them. But I’m going just to pop them in here. Break those skins up. So it’s easy access, and then just see what happens. See if these bins, see if the worms, get inside the uh, these peppers. I’ve got another bag I’m going to add later. Add some of this salad mix which is, probably one of the most common things we end up throwing into the bins, just leftover salad stuff. And more vegetable cuttings. This bowl sat around a little bit longer than I wanted it to (chuckles) so everything started to gel up. What I want to do with it is spread it out a little bit more evenly. And, sometimes those, um avocados skins will bunch together. If I’m not paying attention, they’ll kind of stack up. So I take those and take them apart. So, the worms can get in there and clean out, the very little avocado that I’ve left in there. And then I’m gonna go around and pop the skins on all those little cherry tomatoes in there so they can get access to it real quick. Anything that has skins. I’ve probably said that enough already. Yeah, it really makes a difference spreading it out in they’re. Going to, um, going to visit this bin here in another 3 days, and, take a look at, the state of where everything is. Oh, somebody asked me or had commented on one of the videos about how wet the inside of the bins look. I think they may have had this confused with a normal compost where I’m just throwing in everything. But I’m actually raising worms. This is a different type thing. So anyway, the water comes from, um, if you see a lot of water in my bins and it looks freshly wet like that, that’s why. You’re seeing exactly why. This is usually just behind the scenes stuff that I normally cut out of a video to save time. Add this little bit scraps here I forgot. Now we’re over here to August 12th. Amazing. Check this out on the 18th. Even more amazing. What’s definitely noticeable is, it looks to me, like the worms have zero interest in these bell peppers. After the several checks that I’ve done, I’ve seen worms around them, but I think they’ve only been there, uh, just because they’re passing by and they’re checking on their way looking for something to eat, or what they’re smelling or however they’re responding to the food. Because if you watch the difference of this, here, here we are on the ninth when all this stuff was added. Big mess, here it is on the 12th just a few days later. Then the 18th. I, I would think if they were into those bell peppers that they would have been disappeared just like all this other stuff that we see here. So, (chuckles) no bell peppers, or at least my worms aren’t interested in them. And, everything else that I put in that mix, except for the, um, olives, they all seem to be interested in. Alright, that’s all for this experiment, this is unit 13 I’m out. CC by Unit 13

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