Vermicompost Experiment: Fleeing The Ferment?

Update 12, bins 2 and 3 of the Vermicompost Experiment. This is bin 2 back on the 16th of August when I came across an open or when I open the bin. These worms were in that handhold recess. At the time I didn’t make any connection with the odors that were going on in there. I vaguely remember that there were some odors of fermentation. Then here we’re on the 18th the same thing. When I opened the bin, the arrow on the left shows there they were. Worms were in that handhold recess again, and they were also on that lip, and the evidence of it was back on the 9th when I did that little section of video there, on the inset. Still hadn’t made that connection. So, I just went ahead and scooped them up and put them back down into the bin. I didn’t want them to get out and fall into the moat and they’d drowned in there. So I didn’t do much out of the ordinary. I added avocados to the bin and, then I had forgotten so I had to come back and open up that mango and spread it out in there a little bit. Outside of that I didn’t do anything, didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. That bin, looked fine. Then here we go, we switch to bin 3 on the 16th, And, look at all the worms directly around the mangoes. So, that almost contradicts what was going on in the other bin? But the smells were the same. There was ferment, fermentation smells, that alcohol, rot, that fermenting fruit smell that you get. So I just, there was on the 18th, that’s right, there was just a couple of strays. That’s the other thing that I’d thought was odd, is then, later on in the 18th from bin 6th, from the 16th, there you can see, they’re around it and, then on the 18th, they’re not around it and some of them are trying to get out of the bin. I thought that was interesting. So it almost contradicts the fermenting thing. Or maybe they were fermenting at different rates? Whatever! I just wanted to document it. So there was some kind of visual about that and see what was going on. So if it comes up in the future, we’ll have something to reference. Once again threw some avocados in, spread those mangoes out and that was it. That’s it for bin 3. Yeah, there’s, there’s, I can’t think of anything else to add I’m kind of stumped by the whole, that whole thing. I’m not sure where it’s gonna go, but I’ll watch it in the future. This is 13, I’m out. (Door Closing) CC by Unit 13

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