Vermicompost Experiment: Gecko Chaos & All Is Well

Unit 13 here on-scene at homestead With a vermicompost bin experiment so let’s get started here is uh, Bin 2 on July 7th before we filled it up There it is on the seventh after we filled it up and then this is highly unusual I usually just don’t put this kind of stuff in here But I’m gonna put it in this time because just as I pull these pieces of cardboard up There’s a gecko in here If you look up there on the left hand side of the screen You can see just a slight curl of its tail laying across One of those mango seeds so then I got distracted. I didn’t see that yet I got distracted by all these spiders in here and it was a bunch of them on this cardboard And I’m trying to figure out how to move it. If I didn’t have so many worms on there alright! Then I saw that thing That was really exciting. This has happened before I believe the cats chased these lizards into the box that get in on the porch We have a visitor(voice in background), All right, so Let’s just check it out in slow motion. See it there and Then in a few min a moment here, I’m gonna try and catch it Yeah, unsuccessfully of course There it is. I think it’s a Mediterranean gecko introduced species too Florida. I’m not sure Here we go I’m gonna let you go. I got him. I censored out the cussing Alright, check this out Yeah, I thought I would censor out the cussing part. I thought you know what? This is actually a good topic case school kids would want to watch this so Looking I’m gonna sit to myself a little bit in case something like this might be interesting and then I just thought I would come down into the bin and show what the inside of bin looks like bin 3 looks like After those worms have had their way with it It’s amazing. Look at those seeds how clean they pick them And it is clear that the mango wants to germinate in there and grow because seemed like all those seeds are in the right position will And here’s one of those small balls of worms that I talked about when they’re all Bunched up together like that. It’s pretty interesting to see them sure makes it easy to move them when you want to And then to keep the seeds from going any further and consuming any of the nutrients in here I’d rather them become nutrients. So I’m just gonna pull those right Up out of there I could take these and turn them into mango trees, but I don’t know what I’m gonna grow them I don’t we don’t want to put another one in the yard here. That’s for sure. You’ll have more mangoes off one tree In a season that you can handle all year Here’s that onion example look
There’s a little worm that just fell off of it And it’s not plastered with worms because there’s been so much other stuff in there. You can see the bugs they get up in there Don’t seem to Mind the onion at all, and it’s just a matter of how fast the onion consumes It’s just a slow slow rate like all those other root vegetables But as it decomposes, they eat it as fast as it decomposes So, I don’t know why people say don’t put onion in there. It works on this bin Now here we go bin 3 Here we are on and once again, this is back in July 7th This is before we added the waste Here’s the waste added And then I’m gonna do the same thing I did before I’m just going to Peel these layers back. There’s no lizard or anything special on this one. I just thought since I had done this in the on bin one and bin two that I would just go ahead and do this the same way and once again, I forgot to go back and Check the the autofocus on this it seems a little funky I’ll get better over time maybe (chuckles) And I thought I would just wanted to peel that little edge up and see what wind are there I thought for sure actually there would be a bunch of worms under there, but I was completely wrong and then it’s time for Good old food waste as Little as I put in this time Because the mangoes who the mangoes have stopped coming off the trees. There’s maybe 20 mangoes left on those trees Quite often I’ll have to go somewhere and find things to feed these beings. I’ve had a an abundance of food in the last Over the last month or two, I guess just because of some of these fruit trees and gardens and stuff going off a little bit of coffee And there you go bin 3, 13, I’m out

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