Vermicompost Experiment: Give them enough time

Unit 13 here with the vermicompost experiment This is June 9th Bin 2 June 16th big difference This is the same day a little bit later after stuff was added And here we are June 26 Pretty amazing… …transformation… …in 10 days and I have to say I forgot to go back last week and… …gather up worms from bin 3 and then add them to this. I believe that’s why, this one looks so different than the other one. So, let’s see, what I’m going to do is… …come back. I’m going to remember this time. Come back, grab some worms out of three and add them to this bin. See if I can’t get that balanced down at the… …consumption rate. I open the bin, of course again, there’s no smell except for that, just kind of earthy smell and… …everything looks good in there, no hint of cockroaches. Thank goodness Bin 2 looks good. I’m really happy with the condition of it Okay, I’m just gonna add this stuff here and we’ll get on the bin three. Bin 3 More, more footage here or a still image from June 9th Here’s another June 16th. Here it is June 16th filled up with more. And June 26th What an amazing difference and Clearly the reason why I need to Take bin, ‘er… take worms from bin 3 here and transfer them to bin 2 because that is amazing to see how much that they have eaten and turned into a waste since ten days ago that is Impressive once again, no odors no hint of cockroaches everything in there looks, the health of all the insects that are normally associated with the bins that I have all look like they have very healthy populations in there Couldn’t be more happy really these bins are doing well I’m gonna come back to this bin in maybe three or four days after the worms really set up on all this stuff And then they’ll be in big balls and bunches so it should be easy for me to get them out of here and transfer them over and also gauge more of how many that I actually want to take out because I should be able to see quite a number of worms that there I hope That you see how it works All right. I’m just gonna fill this in with the last bit of waste that I have here And that’ll be it closing out the video thank you for watching this is unit 13

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