Vermicompost Experiment: Here today, gone next week

(Intro Music) Um, bin 3 I’m just getting ready to move this out of the way. You can see there’s a worm right on the top here. So then as I start, oh s**t! start to remove it, you can see, that they’re starting to coming through there (mumbles) I’m going too… turn ’em upside down here. Think they’ll be more happy. Okay, look at that. Wow Getting away from that light! Okay, let’s pull back. Wow, there’s still a lot of those guys everywhere. Alright I’m just gonna try it. Don’t like doing that. Don’t want to peel this pulls on the worms in here. Okay let’s flip that guy down so it doesn’t go (germinate). Here we go look at that Wow. Look at that! There are still a bunch of worms in there. That’s good. So they’re still eat, eating, it looks like rate of consumption hasn’t changed very much That’s pretty impressive. (Frogs, crickets, natural night outdoors plays until end) Visit for more

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