Vermicompost Experiment: Home sweet home!

Alright unit 13 here with this experimental bin. Let’s take a look and see what’s going on in here. Okay, so look at this bin today. Looks like um. Okay. Hmm. I was looking for the footage for this little section after I turn the light on and Looks like I didn’t record. So, what you’re looking at here is a still image or freeze-frame of, that part where the worms are and where the arrow highlights the area. Shows where I turned that over and um, There were, all the worms were, still enmeshed inside the, old grass ball that was there, that’s decaying. And it looked like a, vast portion of the stuff except for the potatoes, all the vegetable material that went in there before, is getting consumed rapidly at this point. There was a, mango that I did not squeeze out which is sort of visible there at centre of the frame down at the very bottom. And I squeeze that out and then in the next whole segment of video you’ll see where I added the vegetable material. Okay, but the overall health before I have to cut away from this the overall health of those worms is really looking good at this point. So I’m going to start adding more to this, as they increase in size. Because it looks like they’re gonna, probably do really well at this point. I’m just gonna water this thing. Just use this little pump bottle here. Get some water down in there. Keep that moisture up for them See them potatoes? When they want to grow no matter how little of that potato there is, it’ll try and go potato. That’s really impressive. I didn’t know that, glad to know that. So if you’re really trying to stretch your potatoes out you might be able to make that work. I wouldn’t try to plant potato skins, but you can probably plant smaller pieces of potato. Sure gonna try that next time I plant potatoes to grow. Alright, that’s it for the experiment. (Closing Music) CC by Unit 13, visit for more.

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