Vermicompost Experiment: Life is good in the bin

(Intro Music) Number two, okay see bin 2 look at that! Okay, I’m looking at the surface and I barely see a worm. Which means they are all under the bottom here, under everything waiting for this stuff to to decompose. As you can see they’ve hardly eaten any part of this grape here because, well, that’s an olive that’s why they haven’t eaten it Okay They just clean Wow, look at them cleaning that thing that is a That’s a pit to a mango how about that And then this is all that’s left of those cantaloupe that went in there. It’s like a piece of paper, look at that, pretty incredible. Okay (mumbling) Mango action here. Let’s get a bunch of mangoes in here So those things can start doing what they do? Get some stuff in the corners or anywhere having anything directly in the corner. So add it now Oops. Sorry worms go over there Yeah Okay, that’s all I’m gonna add the worms I mean of the the mango let’s get The carrot spread-out potato skins and The mango here is a Onion for them and some carrot bits Okay, overall, I think everything looks healthy in there Those spiders in there are really healthy look very well-fed (Music playing) Wow look at that bin 3 unbelievable, they leveled it out That’s an amazing amount of worms in there to be cleaning that up. Let’s see what’s under this cardboard look at that. They are trying to have their way with the rest of that mango there. There’s nothing but that’s skin left of the cantaloupe Started over there You can see they’re avoiding they do not like the olives it looks like They’ve got Looks like the cantaloupes pretty well cleaned up, okay It’s time to start getting some good stuff here some mangos in. Same thing on this one get some stuff in the corner. Here on the edges. Alright. Put that in there. Okay Everybody’s looking good. It’s not much really to report on except they’re eating like maniacs And cleaning it out. Everything’s back to normal got that out Now see if I can get everybody back in Some stragglers See the worms? Here let me put this down in there. See how they’ve eaten through the middle of it Watch…..oh wait a minute Where’s that uh, here we go see how they Well It looks like they’re laying in it but… (Music plays until end of video)

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