Vermicompost Experiment: More than I thought!

Looks like we have a few, rollie-pollies running around in there. Everybody has moved up to that mango. Here’s what’s been look like when I opened it. The worms, this is a layer that’s directly against the substrate and the worms in there, a layer of cardboard and that is where you can see the worms are starting to get up in it, it’s just amazing at at, at, how quickly they’ll do that once they discover it they just get in there and start munching it and I don’t know I’m not sure if they’re breeding in there or what but ultimately where I’m ending up with it is that there are a lot more worms in there than I then I could see before I tried to shoot some footage of it, but I couldn’t get to focus and had all these problems. So I just just using these still images to demonstrate the difference we have so we have those those worms there that were on top of the cardboard are the largest worms that I’ve seen in there now, but when I introduced the worms they were this size Which was very small and I suspect since I put all of the dirt that they were in, in there that there were probably already eggs in there. I’m guessing or they just recently hatched out some because the size difference is noticeable and I didn’t see any of them that were this large in there when I moved it over and I tried to look see as many as I could So luckily right now, we’re not sitting with any Any anything but all of the species of insects that I intentionally introduced in there There’s no roaches So it looks like I’ve got my roaches problem solved, you know, actually all three bins not just this one What I decided to do is go ahead and Add a few more fresh items of food fresh meaning like, you know a week or whatever right if already rotting food fresh for the worms and the grass that’s leftover Let’s see. That’s wheat and oat seeds that we plant for our cats. I’m pretty sure that’s wheat notes and Once it starts dying off. I just throw it into these bins for, more organic material for those worms. And since this is the complete experiment on this bin that’s different than all the others. I’m gonna add that real heavy layer of it in there to see what’s going to happen with it How this bin progresses with all these different insects in this one this time Yeah, I think that’s all, this is 13. (Music plays until end) Visit for more!

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