Vermicompost Experiment: More trash than you can eat? Call friends!

Unit 13 here, let’s get started this is bin 2 on June 26 Same day June 26 with some waste added Here it is, July 1st There’s a lot of waste gone but a lot of that is just wasting of the vegetables itself And I can tell that we need more worms What I’m gonna do is go in bin 3 here and scavenge around for some worms I was hoping to find some concentrations of them with a lot less soil in them, which is what I can usually do if I Don’t have the food is so readily available and in spread out in there They’ll concentrate in these balls that are real easy to pick out and it’s just almost pure worms. I Didn’t do that this time and you, it’s clear to see that I’m trying to look for them. They weren’t there So I just decided to pick up any kind of concentration drop them in Bin 2 and give them a chance to work their way through bin 2 See if I can’t even these bin 2 and 3 out in terms of How much they consume at the same time that way I can drop the same amount of waste in there That’s one of the points or goals. I’m trying to reach After emptying out bin 1 into bin 3 I should have done I should have spread it out between bin 2 and 3 But di.. didn’t, didn’t think about it till it was too late. So we’re doing this. Or so, I’m doing this now Got a check that focus on that camera, this is driving me nuts with these it’s the camera but I mean it’s those iPhones If I move into a closed field, it’ll focus in up here And then unless I do something to bring it back down into focus they down in there. It won’t do it At least that’s what the experience I’ve been having Okay All right, we’re at bin 2 here. We’re gonna go down inside the bin because I want to see if we can show this on the video. Oh, wait a minute. This isn’t that video All right going down here anyway Just take a look in there This is so much more cleaned up after all those worms were added … away from that it messes things up I Ok, gotta go up. See how that looks really good. They are cleaning up all this So yeah that it’s like it is because nobody can get to it It changed all that right now Switching over to bin 3 here. This is the 26th of June Here it is several minutes later with all of this mango stuff from the yard in there here it is on the first that’s pretty impressive change and Since I didn’t have a still image of it and I couldn’t get a good one off the video I just decided to play this little section of video here to see what the state of bin 3 was after the worms had been taken out Okay, one more time going down here Maybe it’s easy to see there or not But that has leveled itself back out There was a big gouge in there. I left it on purpose to see what would happen and they they evened it back out again It’s pretty amazing Going up Okay, no noticeable odors, no offensive insects that we don’t want We got a germinator here, look at that That’s amazing Yep, no odors. Let’s see those gaps are not gaps, but it’s just sunken down in certain places Wow Lots of mango scrap and since there’s a big gap over here Pull up some of this waste Moving these mangoes smells like candy

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