Vermicompost Experiment: No broccoli thank you!

Okay next bin. Let’s see we get. Yeah, you see all that amount of top here? There, be back over there. There’s worms galore in here on top of everything. Okay, this is really good stuff. See if I can hold this still here while I’m chatting. Running my big mouth. Alright, that’s good news, so there are worms all over the top of stuff in here. Now they’re pulling back because of the sunlight. But the other day. They were under everything they weren’t coming out anymore Cuz I had this thing full of broccoli. They it like that at all. Okay, after my little coffee episode there, they’ve all gone back, but you can sit here. See if I can make this work Yeah, they’re actually….moved away from here. Looks like. Squeeze that out empty. I usually like to leave it when it has a skin on it like that, but this fruit gets funky pretty fast see how they’ll… Please tell me that wasn’t a roach. See all them worms? Empty that out so they can get in there……easily. Looks like a fruit fly down there. Usually do when you’ve got the fruits in here…at least that’s been my experience. So far. Let’s just bring out… …as clean as possible… Get it opened up so it can gas off and they get up inside of it. There, now they can, um… All right now they can get up inside there, I got all that stuff messed up, and those fruit spread out. What I did with this bin is after it had all the broccoli in it, and it same thing to the other one, had broccoli in it, and it was really foul. So… Okay, trying something different now. I actually plug the microphone in that I had on Yesterday when the battery ran out, when I went inside and realized I didn’t have it on. Alright, so let’s see, got all these bugs here Yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s any roaches, normal bugs in there, okay. Wow, look at that, nice coverage of, worms everywhere! That’s fantastic, alright, things are getting back to normal in here no more broccoli. Holy crap that sucked. Not gonna do that again! Yeah, so I think I what I started to say is, I’m gonna move, well, I moved all that stuff that was over there. So now I’m gonna let this finish out let the worms finish that side at the rate they’re going it won’t take long. It looks like. Oops, better pay attention to the screen. Alright, so… Alright, that looks good! Just looking over all in there. There where all the worms are starting to disappear. It’s amazing how fast they’ll disappear back down into that substrate as soon as that light gets on them, but that looks good. So I’m just gonna keep putting stuff up on this side for a while. And let it work. And that seems to be the way to go. At least in this that’s what’s going on with this experiment. So leave this like it is. Then let the stuff build up here and let that clean up for a while, and then once that sort of cleaned off, I’ll stop feeding this side. I don’t know. All right, I think that’s that’s all I just wanted to finish this video out (Music Playing) CC by Unit 13, visit for more.

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