Vermicompost Experiment: No Vacuums!

It’s unit 13 here on scene at the homestead and this is update 11 on bin 1. We’re looking at a photograph here are a still
image of August 18th 2018 and this video is gonna follow along exactly how things
happened, unfolded that day, and how it was a complete miserable failure the
experiment that I did. All right let’s get going. Okay opening bin one here I don’t
smell any odors just smells like dirt. And then noticing
something that seems odd is that there’s no worms hardly at all around these
avocados. S o I’m wondering if those Roly Polys aren’t consuming that before the
worms can get to it. There’s got to be a bunch of worms in there someplace. Here
we are with my bright idea I’ve just put a piece of pantyhose down into the end
of the nozzle on this vacuum cleaner I’ll vacuum up those Roly Polys take
them out and dump them into the recycle or the compost bin out in the backyard
there and end of story. Except it didn’t quite turn out that way. The audio you’re
about to hear isn’t that great but it’s exactly what it sounded like when I got
to the compost bin. I killed them all. I killed all of them. I killed them. Oh, man. That sucks. Wow back from the vacuuming the Rolie
Polies. Turns out the vacuuming idea is a stupid one, because I killed all of them.
So won’t be doing that again. Okay that was really disappointing. I don’t think
there are a lot of worms in this bin but I’m gonna go ahead and put a little bit
of stuff in there just to make sure everybody can get to it.
I want my worms to do good so I’m going to make sure that they have enough. Okay
well so much for that experiment. All right, um, lets’ see, I think that’s it for here. I put this little
section of video at the end here because it’s actually me opening the bin, and
it’s in slow motion so that it’s obvious to see all I had to do is take all the
pieces of cardboard there, out to the recycle bin not to the recycle bin but
to the compost bin. And just shake them out and dump them in there. But what
instead what I did was you could see in the video. So here, here’s one for the
lessons learned department. Just take the cardboard out and shake it into the
compost bin this is unit 13 I’m out.

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