Vermicompost Experiment: One meal at a time

Bin 1 vermicompost experiment here it is on June 16th Here’s what it looked like June 26 stocked up food It is the first of July starting to sink down And here we are on July 7th Okay, going down to bin 1 Wow, look at that that looks good It’s hard to see because everybody moves away pretty quick when that light hits But the health of this actually looks pretty darn good Okay Yeah, okay got everybody in there Going up Okay Wow Those guys are going in there crazy. I figure they would oh I forgot I had a mic on the Rolie polies I’ve gone completely nuts in here and that’s what I expected him to do there’s more seeds germinating over here some kind of trying to Stop putting Any feeds on this side and I’m just gonna keep feeding this side here. Let’s take a look under this see if you can See anything well, it’s almost gone for one And there are a few worms under there I’m just moving this around So we could take a look and see who’s where and the progress of their food going away or the… …waste… …material. And it looks good! Here’s that grass that’s all matted up a Add a little bit of water (Water pump makes sucking sound) Okay skip the water this time And no not gonna add any food in there I’ve got plenty right now Actually, you know what I’ll do, I’ll go ahead and drop a couple pieces of fresh mango in there

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