Vermicompost Experiment: Population Grows

Unit 13 here on scene at the homestead and, here we are, and, um, this photo all the way back in July 20th shortly after the Roach Rodeo and directly after I filled it up. And then here we are, August 9th. Just leave things alone and look how they progress lots of roly-polies in there. Pretty amazing. All right let’s go, take a closer look. Okay, down here in bin one. Take a quick look around there. So far I don’t see any cockroach activity. So far. Who knows how that’s going to work? I haven’t seen anything though. That’s pretty impressive. I think maybe I got them, in that last, rodeo. Okay, let’s see if I can hold this while I, steady, while I just take a look around in there. I move these. I knock these down already because they’re still growing. They’re still trying to grow in here. Break them off. That way. All right now they’re gonna be nutrients. Drop them in over here. That area is filling up. I’m not gonna open it up too much. Just going to scrape right here a little bit. See if I can stir up any roaches, if they’re happen to be any lingerers. And I can see, that the worms… Take you a little close there. See the white dots? The white dots, the Roly Polys, and then the, the ever-growing worms. That were started from nowhere, nothing. This is after I had been moving all of the material that’s on the inside there around, searching for roaches. All the top has been disturbed. Now, I want to look a little bit deeper, below the surface and see what’s going on there. Don’t see a whole lot of worms in these areas because it doesn’t look like there’s anything left to eat in here. Except for potato skins. All right, let’s bring this up. All right, so let’s set this, there. Keep this from growing and sucking up nutrients in here. Okay. Yeah, they’re all looking for something to eat. That’s all for bin 1, update 9. Add some food, and let the video close out with that. This is unit 13. (Closing Music) CC by Unit 13. Visit for more

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