Vermicompost Experiment: Roach Rodeo Arrives, Chaos Ensues

All right, it’s unit 13 here let’s get this bin 1 rolling I’m doing voiceover on this because The first mic I used was one of my old mics and it is just worthless today as it was the day I bought it. I Won’t do that again now What you’re watching is the actually after part of a major Rodeo chase trying to catch a cockroach that I had seen in the bin the day that I decided to Take all the cat grass that we grow for our cats there, and then recycle it into this particular bin since it’s the major experiment that’s going on to see what’s gonna happen with all this. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing with this grass it’s just uh, wheat uh, and oat seeds. I think. I can’t remember for sure Like it matters Here’s a little quick There’s what it looked like after the chaos And then that’s how I left the bin. Now, we’re going to switch to a completely different day here and just as I open this up I’m sorry not this one. Here it comes, comes the roach radio. Whoah! There it is! Those thing’s are fast aren’t they? So here I go, I’m gonna catch it Let’s see There it is! Oops almost get in my glove. I’m gonna catch ’em in my fingers. Give him a good squash, (spring sound effect) done with that then off camera I’ve started to move the cardboard found another one in the cardboard over there So I chased that one down and killed it Just like the other three or the other two, so it makes a total of three. I think out of this bin maybe four Hopefully I get them all and so interesting to see and notice that you just can’t see them all the time in there Overall the bin looks good. There’s no funky smells Of course, you can see that the Rolie polies are doing really well in there. Oh give them the morning coffee. Sorry about that and a few mangos and a little bit of greens And then I thought Since I don’t usually show this kind of thing as just sort of how I shut the… Or when I’m closing up the bins, I put all that loose cardboard up there the loose cardboard to me is like leaf litter Something I’ve seen in natural environments. That’s kind of what I’m trying to recreate Loosely is some of the heaps of piles of trash that I’ve seen along the way through my years. I’m gonna lift it up it’d be full of worms. So I’m just kind of not really but kind of creating that and Here is the next scene where I thought that I think I mentioned trying to go down inside the bin So be easier to see what’s actually going on inside there. So I thought I would just do this This little I don’t know Sort of just walk… look around in there because that’s how I look inside that bin I look inside that bin I just try to see what’s going on. See the overall condition of everything it was kind of interesting to see that looks really good now and then gonna finishing out with some before and afters Bin 1 looking really good. Get rid of all those roaches, this is 13 I’m out.

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