Vermicompost Experiment: Spring cleaning!

Bin number two, let’s see we got. They love, those worms seems to really like the cardboard. Look at that, oops, try to get that to focus on there. Look that gnarly spider. That’s why I wear the rubber gloves. Friend of mine got bit by a spider looks similar like that. You should see the scar she has it’s amazing, anyway. Alright, doesn’t look like there were any cockroaches on there. Looks like that might be right there, um, a, worm egg. Or a dried up one, one that’s drying up. Okay, cool. So let’s get them down, and take a look inside this worm bin. So you can see the worms all over the top and how much that’s gone down, since just the last time……..And there’s, there’s not the slightest bit of odor to it and that’s how my bins usually the. Sometimes you’ll have a little bit of, onion smell when I first put an onion or something in. But it doesn’t last very long only within a couple days. Here’s the other side where the mango, skins are setting. Let’s take a look how it looks like it starts to disappear down on the ground. Yeah. They’ve got that mostly consumed. Did you see that? That’s pretty cool. They were all in the shape of that skin. All those worms in there. Wow nice. Oh, I thought I’d squeezed all of these out. Didn’t, here’s one I didn’t squeeze out. Sorry guys. Alright, so let’s see. Look at that. That’s fantastic. Things are getting back to normal. Sorry, I hope it’s not too shaky I can’t watch that screen and watch what I’m doing here at the same time. I can’t work through the screen. Alright, so that looks good. Everything’s coming back to normal on that side. I’m not going to add anything. So then I’m gonna come back over here, and dig around a little bit. Wow, that’s all that’s left of that potato. It just, everything is so amazing how it, just starts looking, it looks like it’s, just sinking into the soil. See how that, just like this potato skin, that was just a slice of potato. This is a, what was this? This was a? Turnip or something. Not a turnip but a…I can’t remember now. Anyway, all right. So, look everywhere, those, see where those mango skins are, there are worms. This one didn’t get squeezed out enough. There, sorry. So, you can see that. I’m sure, this, people like to see stuff like this. I don’t like to disturb the worms too much but, you can see, underneath this what it looks like. Worms. Everywhere down in there. In those layers. Sorry about that…..everybody. It’s got to get back oriented again. Okay, what did I do with it? Let’s get some, stuff to put it here. Okay, I’ll pop a little bit of water in, just gonna wash that a little bit right there. Those um, that, those carrots want to dry out really fast so try to keep the moisture up in there. Okay Bin 3 Let’s see here. See how this worms get? Oh wow, I’ll bet that felt like earthquake, did you think you’re in California or something? Right, you can see how those worm get up on that, or in that cardboard and start getting it, really chewing it up right away. They don’t waste any time at all. Okay Yeah, let’s get down here. I don’t know what that is trying to sprout up. But you can see, we’ve got plenty of worms. I don’t know if I said this is worm bin three. But, see, you see what happened in here. Let’s see move this over Everybody’s trying to get under, get away from that light. And it looks like, they’ve pretty much cleaned up everything that was there. That, that’s pretty surprising. I have to say, I did not think that I would open this bin up and see that much of that stuff gone this quickly. But you can see, clearly in this, uh….bin, what I mean by how it looks everything. Like everything just starts sinking into the soil. That’s pretty neat. I love that. Okay, so I’m going to move over to, the mango side in here you can see, that see, whoops keep the camera down. I’ll stabilize it against there……and Look! It’s all just sinking. I wonder what these seed were? Hmm? Really trying to grow in here. Sprouts, that’ll be good for them to go eat. Sprouts are supposed to be good for you. Plenty of sprouts, for everyone. Okay. Now, actually, I want to move these over, to this side, keep everybody going over there. Sorry, video’s not that good. And then, let’s lift up, that skin. Look at that it’s just buried. Just worms. Looks like they really cleaned up the…. These mangoes. They’re doing the final cleanup over there. That’s incredible. Okay back with some cut mangoes. I kind of went overboard on the other thing (bin) and um, didn’t leave much for these guys. So I’m just gonna drop some mangoes, dropped off the tree here down in there, oops. Sorry about that for anybody actually watching these videos. All right here we go. That’s pretty much gonna be bin 3 I’m getting ready to jump over to bin 2 throw some of these mangos in over there, for those guys. Actually, set the video down here for a second. Rinse my hands, there okay, because that doesn’t need a lot of liquid. Just want to get that just a little bit wet. There’s not a lot to keep wet there. Oops On that side. Sorry about this videography. It’s pretty difficult to do all this. I can’t do anything and look through the screen and do it. It’s too difficult. It’s like put in you, when you put your hand in the water, and it’s off, you know, your hands over here but it’s actually over here. All right. Okay back in bin 2. Okay, quick adjustment, go ahead throw some of those mangoes in here. Okay, that’s bin 2. (Closing Music) CC by Unit 13, visit for more.

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