Vermicompost Experiment: The Woodlice move in

Alright, I’m gonna add these little, these roly polies here. So that’ll come to focus Here’s some roly polies. Going to add it down in there Okay, there goes the first one. Alright this is get ’em down in there Yeah, I have these little baby ones in there it looks like they ate them. They said that they’ll eat their own Oh, did I throw ’em back in there? Well, I’m pretty sure that they ate those, those small one’s I put in there. That’s funny What kind of cactus pieces? Alright just added the roly polies in there, to the experimental bin. Gonna see how that turns are out. Let’s get the camera off the tripod here. I don’t know if they’re visible and that screen or not, but definitely had an outbreak of some kind of like tiny flies. Kind of did that a little bit quick and uh, I think that that maybe I think that that’s what those guys are eating Shake ’em out don’t want to loose any of ’em. Okay, let’s take a look in there and see what’s going on with these worms. Okay, there’s a few worms there. They’re still pretty small. Those are. Looks like all the worms have left that little grass patch. Oh yeah, look here. We got uh, we got a larger worm here. I don’t know if those were in there when I first put this in or not. But those are a lot larger than the rest of them. So I’m gonna assume that they must be. There are a few worms, uh, visible here and there under this patch. Yeah, there they are. Okay, well what I’m going to do with this section is Yeah, there’s worms here and there in this. So I’m just gonna take, uh, all this, all the, um, (laughs) the potato skins and just pile them up on this one side here like leaf litter and, keep this thing really moist. Then once they’ve got this section or once this section is sort of, matted down or disappeared I’ll uh, switch to the other side. But I think for now, what I think the good idea is, you can see the roly polies in there. So, now we have wood louse in what I’m just gonna call my natural bin. Which is, I’m just gonna, if I find any other kind of creatures like that to add I will. Just to have a being sort of more like a natural setup Let’s do a real cleanup Little moisturizing. (laughs). Add some mango in there out of the yard. And, that’s it. This is 13 I’m out. (Music plays as video ends) CC provided by, Unit 13 Visit for more.

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